11 Fast-Growing Trees

fast growing trees

Trees can be an important part of a landscape, especially if they are necessary for shade or privacy.

In addition, there are the aesthetic qualities of the trees along with their ability to grow in a specific environment and the diseases or pests that may be attracted to them.

It can be difficult to decide what trees to plant in your yard. This article will explain two major classifications of trees, coniferous and deciduous, as well as nine specific trees that will grow quickly once they are established. 

In addition, they are all fast-growing trees so we can enjoy their beauty sooner. As any tree owner knows, keeping them beautiful all year round and pest-free can be difficult so getting tree and shrub treatments may help you keep the trees looking lush and beautiful!

1: Coniferous Trees

One fast-growing tree is the Coniferous tree are one of the large groupings of tree classifications. They are identifiable by usually having needles instead of leaves, the majority are evergreen, they have a distinctive cone shape look to the tree, and reproduce through cones.

2: Eastern Red Cedar

The Eastern Red Cedar will grow between a foot or two a year depending on the type of soil and how much sun it gets.

It can reach heights of 60 feet so it’s important to think through where to plant it. The Eastern Red Cedar is fairly hardy against diseases and pests making it a great choice for any landscape.

3: Leyland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress is a fast-growing tree that grows at three to four feet a year, even on soil that is not well maintained. It will reach heights in excess of 25 feet with some growing to 60 feet. The Leyland Cypress has vibrant green needles and a pillar shape that provides excellent privacy.

4: Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees are most recognizable by their larger, flat leaves and the fact that they drop their leaves usually as the weather turns cooler. They are an important part of every ecosystem and provide food and shelter for a large number of animals and insects.

5: River Birch

The River Birch is probably most well known for its bark which appears to be constantly peeling.

As the name suggests, River Birch are fond of wetter soil and are frequently found near rivers and streams. 

Once they are established, they will grow anywhere from a foot to three feet a year and reach heights of over fifty feet tall.

Besides the fact that they grow into a massive size, they grow to that size very quickly making them a great tree to have in your yard if you want a fast-growing tree.

6: Quaking Aspen

Quaking Aspens are one of the larger living organisms on earth with one tree having the ability to clone itself through spreading roots up to one hundred acres.

They are also beautiful trees with white bark and golden yellow leaves! The Quaking Aspen grows an average of two feet a year and to a height of about 65 feet.

7: Green Ash

This tree is known for its resistance to pests as well as diseases. They also have an outstanding growth rate of about two feet a year if well taken care of.

The Green Ash will reach about 60 feet in height when mature and provide ample shade. In the fall their leaves turn to a wonderful shade of yellow.

8: Water Oak

As the name suggests, the Water Oak thrives in wetter soils like marshes and is native to Texas. 

It has the potential to be a large tree, growing to heights between 60 and 80 feet and spreading branches of over 50 feet. It also grows at an average of two feet per year.

9: Black Alder

This is a great tree for a variety of soil types and weather conditions because it is extra hardy and can create its own nitrogen. It grows, once established, about two feet in a year and reaches heights of about 50 feet.

10: Red Maple

Red Maple’s are well known for their vibrant reddish colored leaves in the fall. It grows one to two feet a year and to a height up to 90 feet. The Red Maple needs soil that is on the wetter side and its roots do not grow deep.

11: Dawn Redwood

The Dawn Redwood is unique in that it is one of the few deciduous conifers, meaning it has needle-like leaves that drop as the temperature cools.

They have been known to average three to four feet in growth a year in ideal conditions.

The Dawn Redwood has a nice cone shape to its appearance and its branches are uniformly spread out and grow straight out almost creating a natural ladder.

Tree & Shrub Care

The experts at Gecko Green can help you plan your landscape.

It’s important to consult an expert if you are including trees in your landscape because not only does the soil, sun, and water matter to the growth of the tree, the overall height and width of the tree will affect everything else in the landscape design.

The nine trees listed above are not only a great choice for a landscape, they grow quickly and can provide shade and privacy for years.

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