5 Plants That Repel Cockroaches

plants repel cockroaches

Cockroaches…Is there anything in the world that we want to repel more than revolting roaches?

Nope! We’d do just about anything to keep those nasty critters away. But is it possible to repel cockroaches without products, baited traps, or professional treatments and services?

Turns out there is a way to help keep roaches away from your property that’s natural and adds an extra decorative touch to your home…plants!

It is true that roaches often live in and lay eggs in some plants. Roaches tend to be attracted to the moisture, food, and shelter that some plants and soil provide.

This especially goes for plants that require lots of water and shade. However, there are a few species of plants that can naturally repel cockroaches and other pests.

For various reasons, these 5 types of plants are actually quite successful at driving roaches out of the area.

So if you’re sick of having icky roach hotels all over your home, it’s time to bring on the plants!


rosemary plant

First on our list is the fragrant rosemary plant. Effective when planted or used as an essential oil, rosemary is arguably the best roach-repelling plant.

This plant is highly toxic to roaches. It also doesn’t require much water and needs plenty of sunlight making it inhospitable to pests seeking water and shelter.

If having rosemary plants around your home isn’t your style, you can even place freshly cut sprigs in areas frequented by roaches to drive them away.


catnip plant

Catnip plants are another excellent natural repellent for roaches as well as ants, aphids, and flea beetles.

The success lies with the chemical nepetalactonem which is found within catnip. This plant may not be the best choice if you have cats at home as it is highly reactive for them.

This plant also has low water and high sun requirements, but if you’re not interested in having this plant in your home you can also use it in oil form.


chrysanthemum plant

Turns out chrysanthemums aren’t just a pretty face – they pack a mean punch too.

The lovely and fragrant blooms of this plant contain pyrethrins which is a natural insect repelling substance known to repel not just roaches but also mosquitoes, ants, fleas, and many other pests.

Pyrethrin is so effective that it’s been made into pesticide sprays and has been used for decades. Before planting, be aware that this chemical found within chrysanthemums is toxic to people and pets and should never be consumed.

Osage Orange (Hedgeapple)

osage orange plant

If you’re unfamiliar with osage orange, it’s a small tree or large shrub typically growing about 8 to 15 meters high.

This tree produces some rather unusual-looking large fruits and it is the chemicals found within these fruits that have long been touted to repel pests.

Osage orange has been known to repel cockroaches and many other insects such as flies and spiders. Simply plant these trees in your yard and watch the roaches scatter!


mint plant

Making mojitos isn’t the only reason to keep mint plants around! The scent of this highly aromatic herb is too strong for cockroaches.

The fragrance of mint repels roaches as well as beetles, fleas, and more. You can either plant mint outdoors, put a potted mint plant inside, or make use of mint essential oils to ward off pests.

Pest Control with Gecko Green

It’s important to note that plants alone can’t keep every single roach away nor can they cure a roach infestation already underway.

If cockroaches are taking up residence on your property, contact the experts at Gecko Green for treatment today.

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