Best Lawn Aeration Techniques

lawn aeration techniques

While walking in lawns, forests, gardens, and fields, most people believe that the ground under their feet is simply a solid mass of dirt and roots. Not so! The truth is that 50% of healthy soil’s makeup actually consists of pores of air pockets! Half of the dirt in our yards is solid soil particles, and the other half is meant to be spaces for air. However, many factors can cause the air pockets in your soil to shrink, and when that happens, your grass suffers. So what’s a homeowner to do when soil particles push and compact together? Simple! Time to aerate!

Aeration is the best means of breaking up thick layers of thatch and repairing compact soil. A few methods of lawn aeration techniques are commonly used: spiked aeration, liquid aeration, and core aeration. 

But which way is the best for your property, and which method is the best overall option for Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW)? We have those answers and more!

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Spike Aeration

The spike method of aerating involves puncturing the ground with a spike or sharp-pointed metal. This method does not remove any soil but mainly pushes the soil further into the ground. There are two main ways to accomplish spike aeration, handheld spike tools and spiked shoes.

Hand spike tools are usually in the form of a pole with a spiked end. The user would hold the rod and press the pointed end into the ground across the targeted grass space. These handheld tools can be purchased as a pole with 3-5 simple spikes at the end, or they also come with roller spikes.

Spiked shoes are the more commonly seen method of manual aeration. Spiked shoes are usually sold as a special shoe or as a shoe attachment that can be worn with regular shoes. In either case, the base of aerator shoes is loaded with spikes. While wearing the spiked shoe, the person would walk across the targeted grass and cover the entire area. This method is best when the user walks slowly, ensuring the spikes have wholly penetrated the soil.


Liquid Aeration

During liquid lawn aeration, the user mixes a liquid aeration product with water and sprays it all across the grass. The spraying can be done using a garden pump sprayer or a hose-end attachment. After being sprayed, these products’ ingredients are meant to feed and stimulate microbes and spread enzymes or bacteria to break down thatch and compact soil.

While the soil particles are being broken down, it will reopen the soil pores and openings that are a part of natural, healthy soil makeup.

  • According to the Colorado State University extension office , “Simply stated, there is no “chemical” substitute for physical remediation of soil compaction – namely the traditional core cultivation techniques that have been used for years on all types of turf areas.”

Core Aeration

The coring method of aeration is the standard and most popular option. During core aeration, a powered aerator machine is pushed across the lawn, similar to a lawnmower. As the machine moves, it pulls up small cores of soil and grass. These cores are then left on the surface and break down over time, providing nutrients to the lawn.

The holes that are opened in the ground allow for more soil space, better oxygen absorption, and increased retention capacity. This all creates a healthy lawn by breaking down thatch and resolving soil compaction issues.


The best lawn aeration technique – Core Aeration

There’s a reason that core aeration is the standard method in the lawn care industry. Proven over and over to be the best way to dethatch, repair compact soil, and produce a healthy, lush lawn, core aeration is the most effective lawn aeration method. The results of core aeration are undeniable!

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