Essential Lawn Care Tools

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There is an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to lawn care tools when it comes to deciding what you need to keep up with your lawn and garden. But do not worry, despite the huge aisles of tools at Lowe’s and Home Depot, we’ve narrowed it down to the best essentials for you. 

Remember, while you take care of your yard, you also need to take care of you.  Yard work can not only be grueling, but can cause minor injuries and aches and pains, so we have included some of the best tools to keep you comfortable while keeping everything trimmed and tidy.

1. Lawn Mower

For a large lawn it’s best to go with a gas powered mower. Small and medium sized gardens can be mowed with an electric mower. Push along mowers can also be a good choice but you’ll have to want to get a bit of exercise.

2. Hose and hose timer

A hose timer can be digitally programmed so you never need to worry about forgetting to water. You should also soak the garden 1-2 times a week during dry spells – this will encourage strong roots. 

3. Edging shears

Used for keeping things tidy and looking sharp. A hand operated shear is great for hard to reach areas, as their long handles make them easy to use and allow you to get the low lying edges without needing to be on the ground.

4. Shovel

A carbon steel shovel can be extremely strong and lightway, perfect for everyday use. Look for a V shaped cutting tip to easily rip out roots.

A shovel with serrated edges can also be easier to use and less strain on your arms.

5. Kneeler Pad

Often a forgotten and underrated tool, a foam kneeler pad can help protect your knees and make gardening more comfortable. Try to get a thick pad made of foam so it’s easily cleaned.

6. Gloves

A durable pair of gloves protect your hands from sharp objects, keep your hands clean and, in the winter, keep your hands warm. Find a pair that’s a good fit for you so that you can confidently grip objects.

7. Fertilizer

Fertilizers nourish your lawn and provide the necessary nutrients for a healthy and lush lawn. They typically contain a good blend of micronutrients and are suitable for most lawns and grass types.

Remember to keep your lawn watered even if applying fertilizer.

8. Weeder

A weeder with a long handle will allow you to easily grab and rip out weeds without needing to crawl on the ground. Look for serrated steel claws for maximum strength.

9. Sprinklers

Sprinklers can save you time and they allow you to be confident in knowing your lawn is getting an even watering. Most sprinklers come with adjustable settings so they can be used in gardens of all sizes. Combine a sprinkler system with a hose timer to ensure your garden is always watered.

10. Garden Waste Bags

These are not to be underestimated – they are a study and essential part of keeping up with your lawn and gardening. They can hold a lot of weight and be used for carrying soil or removing weeds and leaves.

Save the Time & the Tools

While these are the essential tools you’ll need to keep up with the day to day of your lawn and garden, you can always leave it to Gecko Green to take care of the rest! Learn more about our full lawn care service which includes weed control as well as tree and shrub services.

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