How to Find the Best Pest Control Service in Dallas

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If you’re finding some unwelcome guests in your home from time to time, it may be time to look into hiring a pest control service. Whether its insects, rodents, or any other form of vermin, ridding your home and protecting yourself from future infestations can require the knowledge and expertise of a professional. 

There are many options for pest control service here in the DFW, and choosing the right company to fit your needs may feel daunting. Here we’ve narrowed down some tips and ideas for finding the best pest control service in Dallas.

Do Your Research

Oftentimes when we discover pests we want them eliminated immediately, however its best to resist the urge to select the first company that comes up in a google search. As with any purchase you make for your home, cost is important, but so is competency. Most pest control companies will provide free estimates; take advantage of this and speak to several different companies, and compare their respective offers.

When searching online, don’t just search for general pest control companies, instead make your search specific to where you live. Take the time to read about some common problems in your area so you’ll know what your pest control technician should be addressing in your home, in your specific area.

Be sure to read google reviews, yelp reviews, and check the companies reputation with the Better Business Bureau.

When reading reviews, take note of positive experiences, but also filter your reviews to read the lowest starred ratings they’ve received. Has a customer ever felt unsafe with their assigned technician? Are there more than one claims of a scam? Make sure you take note of any red flags. 

If you see any reviews you have questions about, take note of these. If you’d still like to consider the company, ask them about these instances. They should be open and transparent about anything you’d like to ask them about their practices.

Ask for Recommendations

Talk to any friends, family, or neighbors in your immediate area, and ask them what services they use, what pest problems they’ve encountered, and what methods their technician uses to treat and prevent pest infestation.

First hand recommendations can be one of the best forms of research. It’s always nice to have a direct connection to information about any home service. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of companies you’re interested in contacting, prepare a list of questions or talking points you’d like to discuss.

Prepare a List of Questions

Make sure you go into your initial conversation with a good idea of what you’d like to know from this company. Ask them how long they’ve been in service at their current address. Ideally you’d like to find a company that has been working in your area long enough to have established themselves with the BBB has a good reputation.

Check to see if any complaints have been filed against them for misusing chemical products.

Pesticides are inherently toxic, so you want to make sure that this company handles their chemical product with great care in and around your home. Ask if they are willing or able to provide a list of references. Not all companies may be able to give any customer information for said references, but if they can provide any for you, contact those. Ask about their experiences with the company. 

What kind of licensing or certification will the technician performing my services be credited for? In DFW, every company must have a licensed certified commercial pesticide applicator in each category of service. All other licensed technicians or certified applicators report directly to this individual. Ask what pesticides they plan on using, or expect to use. You can request to see the labels of these chemicals, as well as ask about the rate at which they will be applied. 

The label they provide should indicate not only the ingredients, but also necessary precautions and application rates. Make sure your technician is using the pesticide as indicated.

Beware of structural service contracts for you home

Structural service contracts are routine applications of general or even insect specific pesticides to the entire structure of your home, even if there hasn’t been a previous problem with said insects. This over use of chemical application is unnecessary. Ideally your pest control service will employ chemical treatment only in specific areas in and around your home, where problems have occurred or where they see potential for new problems.

There are many non chemical practices a technician can apply to prevent or address infestation, and these options should always be looked to before employing chemical treatment. Traps, copper mesh etc

Termite prevention and Liability

In most cases, termite treatment applied to your home will come with a 1-5 year guarantee. Find out the length of each company’s guarantee, and ask if they will have an annual inspection, and at what cost, if any. 

Also, are they liable for any damage to your home if their product fails during the guaranteed timeline? Termites can do serious damage to the structure of your home, so this information is highly important when considering what pest control company you will choose.

Make sure they deal with the pests you’re struggling with

If you’ve found any chew marks, animal feces, or sign of a larger non-insect intruder in your home, make sure your chosen company can deal with this level of pest control, not just insect treatment. If you’ve noticed any other insect infestation be sure to inform each company and make sure they have the means to eradicate these pests from your home.

General Red Flags

Any pest control company worth considering should have a well managed website, and a working phone number. When receiving a quote, be sure to avoid per gallon price quotes from a company. Beware of any claims to have a “secret pesticide formula.” All chemicals used should be presented with full transparency. 

Pesticides must be fully registered by the EPA and chemicals and ingredients listed. Also, do not trust any claim to be endorsed by the EPA. The EPA is a government agency, and cannot endorse any specific pesticide or pest control company.

Home Preparation

Once you’ve selected your pest control company, be sure to ask what you need to do to prepare for their visit. Your technician may ask you to remove personal items from the floors, and also prepare with some general home straightening. You will likely be asked to remove pets from the immediate areas requiring service, cover aquariums, and keep your children safely distant from treated areas until any pesticides or chemicals have dried. For additional information or guidance about what to expect from your first pest control visit in DFW.

Pest Control with Gecko Green

Gecko Green is a Family Owned, local, and well established lawn care and pest control company here in the DFW area. We have licensed and certified technicians who are well versed in the common Pest Control Issues we face here in Texas. We have a great reputation with the BBB, and our outstanding customer satisfaction speaks for itself. All of our technicians are well trained, licensed, road tested, and DOT certified.

We always employ practices to ensure pest prevention, working with traps, copper mesh, and other non chemical pest control measures as often as possible, before resorting to the use of local chemical sprays in and around your home. We love to hear from potential customers, give us a call and discuss your pest control needs today!

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