Fire Ant Control Tips for Texas

fire ant control tips texas

Fire ant control in Dallas is serious business. These bugs wreak havoc on lawns and can cause allergic reactions in both people and pets. If you think you might have a fire ant infestation, you can confirm these suspicions if you notice medium sized red ants with darker abdomens inhabiting large mound and hills. 

These ants have heads that are not wider than their abdomens, and they swarm and attack whenever their habitat is disturbed. If you suspect you have a fire ant infestation, be careful – their bites sting!

Controlling Fire Ant Infestations

Do a little research and find out what type of grass you have. Knowing more about your grass and soil type will help a lot with problem-solving.


Pouring boiling hot water onto mounds and hills
Eliminating leaky pipes and faucets
Clearing up trash and clutter
Cleaning animal feces in and around the yard
Mowing the lawn on a regular basis

Some methods for fire ant control that have been dispelled as myths and should be avoided are:

Pouring rice or grits out on your yard
Using ammonia, kerosene, gasoline, or bleach to kill ants
Pouring coffee grounds over your yard

These methods don’t work and may even worsen existing infestations. Harsh chemicals and fuels can damage your lawn and seep into the water supply, while rice and grits will just feed fire ants instead of eliminate them.

Sometimes fire ants will attempt to invade your home as well as your lawn. A few strategies to prevent this from happening include removing open food sources and sealing up entry points such as holes and cracks around doors, windows, and your home’s foundation.

Controlling Fire Ant Infestations with Ant Baits & Insecticides

If you already have a fire ant infestation, ant baits and insecticides are by far the most effective strategies. Some products, however, are more effective than others. Here at Gecko Green, we utilize some of the most powerful products on the market.


Extinguish is an insecticide application that acts as a bait to attract and control fire ants in your lawn. This product is applied twice a year and is effective in controlling fire ants for up to 6 months at a time.

Top Choice

While more expensive, Top Choice provides fire ant control for up to 12 months in a single application.  It is a granular blanket application that controls existing mounds and provides a barrier against new mounds. This product is the most effective in eliminating and preventing fire ant infestations with as little hassle as possible.

Fire ants can be a serious problem for Texas homeowners, but Gecko Green is prepared to help you eliminate these problem pests.

Don't let ants make you antsy.