How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in DFW

get rid of cockroaches

There’s not much that’s worse than your lovely home being invaded by disgusting cockroaches. They’re dirty, they carry diseases and bacteria, and they cause allergies. Don’t be fooled, there are other household pests to blame for your allergies.

Not to mention that once they’re in…they’re in. They get everywhere! In food, furniture, bathtubs, and all over. Talk about some unwelcome tenants! 

Cockroaches are very active throughout the summer, making these warm months an expected time for roaches to invade. So how do you evict cockroaches after they’ve decided to move in?

Step 1 – Try to identify the cockroach species and population size.

Texas is home to a wide variety of cockroach species, and they are by no means created equal. Behavior, appearance, lifespan, and so much more differs among cockroach species.

Naturally, if the biology of these roaches differs, it follows that they also react differently to pest control treatments. And, indeed, this is a huge issue when it comes to cockroach control.

Knowing which species of roach you’re dealing with is key to successfully eliminating them. The simplest way to identify cockroaches is to place sticky traps in the areas where you suspect an infestation.

Not only will this help you determine the species, but seeing how many roaches get trapped may help you get an idea of how big the population is.

Once you get a couple specimens, you can either do the research on your own or show the samples to a pest control company for an expert opinion. Knowing what and roughly how many roaches you’re up against is the first step in developing a plan to eliminate them.

Step 2 – Decide on your treatment method - DIY or professionals?

Now that you’ve got an idea of what type and roughly how many cockroaches you’re dealing with, you’ll need to decide how you want to approach treating the problem.

Are you prepared to take on the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method? Or maybe the hands-off approach of letting a professional handle the issue is for you?

If you feel up to the challenge of DIY cockroach control, there is an absolute abundance of products available for purchase. You can use baited traps (“roach hotels”), spray products, powder products, the list goes on and on. Often there are actually a bit too many options available.

Knowing which product to choose and using it properly can be tricky. Not to mention everyone has a different opinion of what’s best!

Defeating cockroach populations is notoriously tricky, so you’ll most likely need to combine treatments methods – for example, use baited traps and spray products. You’ll probably also go through quite a bit of treatment trial and error.

However, the most important DIY tip is to be sure to always follow the directions exactly. Improvising can be both ineffective against roaches and dangerous! If you have any doubts about DIY cockroach control, hiring a professional pest control company is always a safe option.

Pest control companies inspect, make recommendations for repelling roaches, and provide the most effective and fastest treatments.

Step 3 – Quit the bad habits that attract roaches.

Upon finding cockroaches in their homes, most people ask themselves, “Why me?!” Well, we can actually answer that question for you!

Cockroaches only invade buildings to search for food, water, and shelter. If you’ve got roaches, your home is definitely providing roaches with those essentials.

But, luckily, knowing the problem also makes the solution clear. Deny the roaches what they want, and you’ll stop attracting them! Get started with these simple tips…

Step 4 – Seal off your home to block cockroach access points.

Once you’re this deep in the roach elimination process, it’s time to start asking yourself how they got in to begin with. Cockroaches are capable of slipping in through tiny cracks, holes, and gaps.

Some of the most common entry points are cracks in the foundation, gaps around doors and windows, small holes, and they also sneak in with boxes and other items.

If you want to avoid your home turning into an actual “roach hotel,” then your next step is to block, seal, and repair all potential pest entry points. Check around your entire home!

Fill in any cracks in your home’s exterior or foundation. Add weather stripping to doors and windows. Seal any gaps or holes near appliances and air conditioners. Protect your home like the fortress it should be!

Pest Control with Gecko Green

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