Is Mosquito Control Necessary in the Winter in Dallas?

mosquito treatment for yard

While the winter months may not make you appreciate having to defrost your windshield, close up the pool or forgo eating on the patio, there is one thing to appreciate about winter: no mosquito bites! 

But even though mosquitoes are safely out your way in winter, don’t get too comfortable: they’ll be back with a vengeance come warmer weather so taking some preventative winter measures as well as professional mosquito control immediately once the weather is warm are the best ways to keep your legs bite free.

What happens to mosquitoes in Winter?

When the temperature falls below 50º mosquitoes can’t survive anything colder, and they will finally leave you in peace for a few months. Certain types of mosquitoes hibernate for the winter and await spring for biting season, while some  will die… BUT not before leaving anywhere between 100-300 eggs ready to hatch in spring.

These eggs and larvae are very hearty and can survive colder temperatures and once they hatch in spring quickly transform into biting adults. Most mosquitoes will lay their eggs in or near water, as the larvae are aquatic.

What can you do for winter mosquito control?

So although you won’t need bug spray there are some very effective methods you can take to prevent mosquitoes laying their eggs in their yard. If you can stamp out and prevent this early, it will mean less mosquitoes hatching in spring. Here are some things you can do to make a difference: 

When spring comes

It is important to keep on top of preventing eggs from surviving the winter and to not leave it until warmer weather. Once spring comes and the larvae hatch, it only takes about 4-7 days for them to become biting adults. When that time comes, Gecko Green’s professional mosquito services can make your backyard a pleasant place for burgers on the patio. Learn more about our mosquito control services today!

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