Are Acorns From Oak Trees Causing Problems For Your Lawn?

Oak tree acorns

There are a lot of oak trees throughout Texas. There are Live Oaks, Red Oaks, Water Oaks, Bur Oaks, Post Oaks, and Whtie Oaks.

And those are just the start of the different types of varietals, there are so many more. But are those Oak trees causing problems for your yard?

Especially considering the overabundance of acorns produced (and dropped) every single year.

Short Answer

While those acorns come with a whole host of issues, damaging your lawn is not one of them. Acorns falling on your lawn from an oak tree has the potential to damage essential lawn equipment or mower blades.

They can be hazardous to pedestrians or children. But luckily, they are not hazardous to the lawn. The biggest potential issue could be the squirrels or other critters they attract.


 If those acorns are left on the long for a long enough period of time, you may start to notice some woody plants sprouting resembling weeds.

But do not fear! Those woody plants actually are not weeds at all. In fact, they are tiny baby oak tree seedlings. But of course, you may not want 10 baby oak trees growing on your lawn.

If you want to remove these, all it takes is to mow them down, no weed control is necessary. There is no risk of it growing back or continuing to thrive once chopped with a mower’s blade.

But wait…

Have you ever heard of the term too much of a good thing can be a bad thing? For example, water is good for human life, but too much water can lead to water poisoning.

The same is true for acorns falling on the lawn. It is true that acorns do not pose much danger to your lawn, but an excess of acorns can be terrible.

If the acorns falling onto your lawn are creating a thick blanket, it will not allow sunlight to pass through. Sunlight is essential for turf to live. Without it, the acorns could smother the lawn.

Nothing to Worry About

 Honestly, there is no reason to worry about acorns falling on your lawn. There is actually more risk of damage coming from the shade of the tree’s canopy than there is from dropped acorns.

But sometimes, it is just nicer to hear the opinion of a professional.

If you ever have any questions about your trees or shrubs, Gecko Green has an excellent team of tree and shrub service specialists who work aside our lawn care technicians to ensure you have the lawn that your neighbors envy.

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