Pest Control Checklist for New Homeowners in North Texas

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Buying a home can be overwhelming at times…inspections, contracts, payments, mortgages…there is so much to take care of that it’s hard to remember it all! Let us help out a little by reminding you of one pesky (or should we say “pesty”) issue that may have been missed on your new homeowner to-do list. Pest control and prevention!

New homeowners all over the country (that absolutely includes North Texas) need to be aware that their new home should be checked for any potential pest problems. When homes have previously been affected or damaged by pest activity, that information should be disclosed during the inspections.

However, there will be some angles related to pest control that you may have to check for yourself. So before you move into your new home, be sure to thoroughly dot your i’s and cross your t’s by following our pest control checklist for new homeowners.

Fortifying your new home to keep pests out.

Pests enter homes for food, water, and shelter, so to prevent their invasion, you must deny them entry, food, and water. Don’t give the pests what they want, and don’t make it easy for them to get in.

The first steps on our checklist pertain to this idea. Pests can squeeze through remarkably tiny openings. Before you move into your new house, take a very careful look around. Check all the areas we listed on our printable guide and look for any cracks, gaps, or holes. No matter how small these gaps in your home seem to you, they must be sealed!

Most cracks and openings can be handled with relatively simple repairs. Add caulk, use expandable spray foam, replace cracked pipes, add weather stripping, install door sweeps, fix broken screens, put steel wool between pipes and walls. The idea here is just to reduce the number of possible entry points for pests.

Keeping pests away by ensuring you don’t give them free food and water.

Once your interior and exterior have been checked for possible entry points, you’ll next need to make sure your home isn’t an “all you can eat” insect and pest buffet. One great way to check your home and get it ready for move-in is to take on the chore of giving your home a deep cleaning.

A good cleaning should always be done before moving into a new place, but this time keep an eye out specifically for what could draw pests in.

For example, while cleaning the faucets and appliances, check for leaks or standing water. While you’re outside cleaning the gutters, check that rainwater can flow easily and is being effectively directed away from the base of your home. While cleaning your new home to prepare for moving in, you should be looking for any leaks, standing water, dirt, moisture-damaged wood, or even wood shavings. Check cabinets, baseboards, appliances, and all the areas listed on our pest control checklist.

How to keep pests out after moving in…good housekeeping!

Congratulations! You’ve officially moved into your new home! Now that you’ve claimed your new fortress, you must defend it…from bugs! Keeping good home care habits inside and outside your home can go a long way to keep pests at bay.

Maintaining a neat and tidy interior and exterior makes your home relatively uninhabitable for pests. Pests need food, water, and shelter, and if they can’t find those things in your yard or house, they won’t be interested.

So make sure there aren’t overgrown bushes for them to nest in or crumbs on the floor or water pooling in the base of your plants or an overflowing trash can. With no access to what they need, pests should mostly avoid your property.

What to do if pests still manage to bust in your home…call Gecko Green!

Once you have fortified your home and keep everything tidy, you should never ever have to deal with any pest issues…right? Not always the case, sadly. Unfortunately, sometimes pests can still manage to make their way into our homes despite our best efforts. If you’ve followed our checklist and you find you still have pests invading your home, it’s time to call in the cavalry.

Gecko Green will fortify your home with our complete Preventative Pest Control Program. We’ll secure both the inside and outside of your North Texas home, giving you first-class protection against a wide range of pests. We control pests with products and processes that have your family’s health and the environment as our top concern.

We’ll not only prevent pests from entering, but we’ll also eliminate any pests that have already established a presence within or around your home!

Our Gecko Green technicians are licensed and trained to deliver exceptional service and identify and address specific conditions that would increase pest activity. Get peace of mind in your new home with our guaranteed services. To keep your home & family safe year-round, let the local pest control experts at Gecko Green help.

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