Professional Pest Control vs. DIY

professional pest vs diy pest control

If there’s something strange in your home or yard – who are you going to call? Pest control! …or maybe not.

When you’ve got creepy crawlers lurking around your home, the first question to ask yourself is – can I handle this on my own or do I need to call in the “Pest Busters?” Many homeowners experience some degree of trepidation before deciding to call a local pest professional. Running through their minds are thoughts like, “can I afford a professional” and “it doesn’t look like too many bugs.”

If you’re looking to determine whether DIY or professional pest solutions are for you, begin by asking yourself the following questions.

The top questions to consider when comparing professional pest control vs. DIY…

What type of pest is invading?

When it comes to home invaders, there is a world of difference between sugar ants and carpenter ants. Of course, no one wants any kind of pest in their home, but some species are more of a concern than others. Knowing the type of pest is critical in deciding if DIY pest control is for you.

If the problem you’re facing runs along the lines of sugar ants, fruit flies, and silverfish, these pests are considered more innocuous. In these cases, DIY is certainly worth a try.

However, if you’ve crossed the line into more serious pests such as cockroaches, rodents, carpenter ants, termites, or mosquitoes, it is highly recommended you seek professional pest control help as soon as possible.

Some species of pests are capable of passing on diseases, causing asthma issues, stinging, and inflicting structural damage. Never underestimate a pest no matter how small. And always call a professional pest control company for help if you have any concerns.

What is the scale of the infestation?

Have you only seen one lonely rogue pest in your home? Although DIY solutions can be exceedingly simple for a single insect or two (i.e. set a trap or simply squash them!), we encourage you to take the time to look a little closer. Looks can be deceiving. More often than not, where there is one pest there are many more.

You can use any variety of store-bought or homemade pest solutions for the few pests you see, but also remember that these “solutions” won’t help in solving the real problem.

Pests build their colonies, hives, and nests out of sight, and the longer they’re left untreated…the larger the populations grow.

A professional can quickly sniff out any hiding insects and eliminate whole colonies. If at any point you begin to see pests in numbers more frequently, contact a pest control company as soon as possible.

Can DIY be as effective as professional pest control?

DIY pest control can absolutely be effective against small-scale infestations. The pest products available at stores exist because they work! They can certainly kill whatever pest they’re labeled for.

However, are they as effective as using professional pest control? Well, of course not! Professional pest products are more effective and they come along with a trained and knowledgeable technician.

When you hire a company, you get top-grade products applied by a technician who can identify the source of the problem, locate where the pests are making entry, and protect your entire home.

Does DIY or a service cost more?

There’s no doubt that the upfront cost of hiring a pest control service is higher than purchasing a bottle of bug killer.

Pest control products purchased from stores and DIY hacks made from items around your home are certainly cheaper. But only for so long!

The money spent on trial and error can quickly add up. Purchasing ingredients and products over and over can end up costing you more money, more stress, and more time living with pests.

The earlier you involve a pest control company, the faster and more affordably the problem can be resolved.

How quickly do you want the problem resolved?

Although popping out to the store for a bottle of bug spray may seem like the quickest way to eliminate bugs, you must factor in how long it takes for a product to work.

Chasing bugs with spray and laying traps may quickly kill off a few bugs. However, it is a very real possibility that you’ll have a recurring issue with more and more bugs coming your way over time.

Without addressing the real issues of where the bugs are coming from and why they’re attracted to your home, likely, they’ll just keep on coming.

The fastest and most effective way to rid your home of bugs as soon as possible is with the help of a professional pest control company.

The knowledge, training, resources, and effective products that a company can offer provide the fastest, safest, most convenient way to have a pest-free home.

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