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Does Your Lawn Need a Boost?

In Texas, there are tons of factors working against your lawn. Heat, dry weather, lack of moisture, foot traffic, disease, pests, and weeds have an impact on the health of your lawn. Over time, they inhibit the free flow of nutrients necessary for growth. The good news is that with Gecko Green’s help, you can alleviate your grass from stress and prepare it for thicker, healthier growth with our lawn aeration service!


Lawn Aeration

Did you know aeration involves a simple process with several beneficial effects for your lawn? An experienced professional will mechanically remove small plugs of soil from your lawn. After we are finished, a healthy, porous composition is restored to your soil, enabling it to ‘breathe’. 

The interaction of fertilizer, weed-control, water, and oxygen with the soil are improved, resulting in greener, thicker grass that is healthier from the roots up. With Gecko Green’s aeration service, you can rest assured that your regular, year-round maintenance plan is working with maximum effectiveness!

Benefits of Aeration For Your Lawn

There are many benefits of aerating your lawn — all of which contribute to a healthier, stronger lawn for your home. 

Some of these benefits include:

Increases flow of nutrients to the soil
Facilitates strong roots
Toughens your grass' defense against diseases, pests, and more
Reduces soil compaction
lawn aeration benefits

Our professional teams are seasoned in the aeration process and know how to produce the best results for your lawn. Our aeration service invigorates lawn growth and enhances its natural defense against risks. As layers of thatch are broken through and soil compaction is alleviated, we strengthen your grass’ roots and help protect it against a variety of local threats!

A Healthier Lawn in Just a Few Short Visits

Think of aeration as the equivalent of a day of rest for a high-performance athlete, or a week-long vacation for a busy CEO. Without these periods of much-needed rejuvenation, the regular performance of each would not be as successful.

Gecko Green’s lawn aeration service will do just that, by providing your lawn with relief just when it needs it the most. 

It’s proven that homeowners who give their lawn consistent aeration services year-to-year see better, more consistent, lasting results in their yard.

What are you waiting for? Let us give your lawn the relief it needs and prepare it for ideal growth, year after year!

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