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Does Your Lawn Need a Boost?

There are numerous factors that may be working against your lawn in Texas. Heat, dry weather, a lack of moisture, foot traffic, disease, pests, and weeds all have an impact on your lawn’s health. They eventually obstruct the free flow of nutrients required for growth. The good news is that with Gecko Green’s lawn aeration service, you can relieve stress on your grass and prepare it for thicker, healthier growth!


Lawn Aeration

Did you know that aeration is a simple process with numerous benefits for your lawn? A skilled professional will use specialized equipment to mechanically remove small soil plugs from your lawn. After we’re done, your soil will have a healthy, porous composition that allows it to ‘breathe.’

Fertilizer, weed-control, water, and oxygen interactions with the soil are improved, resulting in greener, thicker grass that is healthier from the roots up. With Gecko Green’s aeration service, you can be confident that your regular, year-round program is working to its full potential!

Benefits of Aeration For Your Lawn

There are many benefits of aerating your lawn — all of which contribute to a healthier, stronger lawn for your home. 

Some of these benefits include:

Increasing Flow of Nutrients to the Soil

Buried roots absorb oxygen from small air spaces in the soil. O2 travels from the atmosphere to the soil where it is absorbed by plant roots and microorganisms. CO2 travels from the soil, where it is created by plant and microbial respiration, to the atmosphere. Pulling soil plugs by way of aeration makes room for nutrients to get down to the root system.

Facilitating Strong Roots

For your lawn to be healthy in the long run, it needs strong grass roots. Your grass can be protected from disease and drought with a strong root system. Aeration entails removing turf plugs to tear up turf roots and creates tiny holes giving the roots more area to grow deeper and stronger.

Toughening Your Grass' Defense Against Diseases, Pests, And More

Compacted soil and thatching will be loosened by aeration, making it simpler for water, light, and nutrients to reach your lawn's roots. Your grass can become more disease resistant by enhancing access to these nutrients.

Reducing Soil Compaction

Overly compacted soil does not absorb nutrients and water as efficiently. It may result in drainage problems and water runoff. Due to the inability of nutrients, such as oxygen, to reach the grass roots, it also inhibits grass growth.

lawn aeration benefits

Our expert teams are well-versed in the aeration process and know how to achieve the best results for your lawn. Our aeration service stimulates lawn growth and strengthens its natural defenses against threats. We strengthen your grass’s roots and help protect it against a variety of local threats by breaking through layers of thatch and relieving soil compaction with specialized equipment!

A Healthier Lawn in Just a Few Short Visits

Consider aeration to be the equivalent of a day off for a high-performance athlete or a week off for a busy CEO. Without these much-needed rest periods, each of their regular performances would be less successful. 

Gecko Green’s lawn aeration service will do exactly that, providing relief to your lawn just when it needs it the most. It has been proven that homeowners who provide consistent aeration services to their lawn year after year see better, more consistent, and longer-lasting results in their yard. 

What are you waiting for? Allow us to provide your lawn with the necessary relief and prepare it for optimal growth year after year!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Aeration can occur at any time of year, but the best times for cool-season grasses are typically early spring or fall, and late spring through early summer for warm-season grasses. Aerate more frequently if you have high-traffic areas or heavy clay soil. For example, golf courses complete aeration approximately 5-6 times a year, but once or twice a year would be extremely beneficial for a residential lawn.

We do not aerate parkways on a regular basis due to shallow sprinklers and drip lines. However, if you can confirm that there is no sprinkler or drip line present in this area, please let us know and we can set up a return visit to re-treat.

We recommend running the sprinklers 24-48 hours before your scheduled day. For pop-up heads, shoot for 15 minutes per zone and approximately 30 minutes for rotary heads.

The cores often degrade over the course of two weeks. However, depending on the weather, it may be either longer or shorter. Additionally, mowing can hasten core degradation. Raking or picking up the cores will make the aeration less effective, so avoid doing so.