Tree & Shrub Care Services in Dallas – Fort Worth

Liven Up Your Landscape!

Much like seasonings invigorate flavor and uniqueness to a meal, trees & shrubs bring zest, character and life to your yard. The beauty of lush blooms, fiery fall foliage, & and breathtaking views requires regular care. However, the demands of seasonal maintenance can be a burden, especially amidst the daily responsibilities of life. If you don’t have the time or the proper know-how, you can rest assured that Gecko Green does and is here to help. Our tree & shrub care plan will revitalize your landscape & ensure it adds beauty to your yard in every season.

Pamper Your Trees and Shrubs


Without proper care, trees and shrubs start to weaken. Moreover, no two landscapes should be cared for exactly the same, making maintenance especially challenging for Texas homeowners. Designed to nurture the unique elements of every yard, our tree and shrub care is comprehensive with six strategically timed visits a year. Our professional teams are equipped with the experience, extensive agronomical knowledge, and can-do attitude needed to ensure your satisfaction.

Our tree and shrub care services include:

Deep root fertilization
Insect and disease control and prevention
Dormant oil application
And more!
tree care service

Tree Care

Healthy Trees Without Breaking a Sweat

If you’re tired of back-breaking work, losing precious weekend time, or disappointing results, Gecko Green has the solution.

Our tree and shrub care services will relieve you of the burden and responsibility it takes for proper maintenance and upkeep.

Our specialists treat your yard like it’s their own, so you can be sure that your trees and shrubs are receiving the best care possible in every season.

Beautify your landscape today.

Prevent Disease and Decay

The list of elements working against you is long; it includes diseases, pests, heat, harsh weather, and more. Year-round plant strength buttressed by preemptive protection is the solution. Gecko Green keeps your plants victoriously healthy amidst these pressures. No matter the season, you’ll find our technicians nurturing your landscape. From deep root care to pest protection and regular check-ups, you can expect long-term vibrancy for your trees and shrubs.

Add zest to your yard by increasing the longevity and beauty of your plants with our tree and shrub care in Texas! Learn more about our Tree & Shrub Care Package and get the beautiful landscape you’ve always wanted!

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