Annual Bluegrass

Annual Bluegrass
Annual Bluegrass

Type of Weed: Grassy Weed

Poa Annua

Annual Bluegrass

Annual bluegrass is a winter annual grassy weed that is also commonly referred to by its scientific name, poa annua.

This weed is adorned by seed-filled spikelets capable of producing enormous amounts of seeds giving it a rapid spread and growth rate.

Poa annua germinates in the fall, and preventative herbicide treatments are the best control method.

How to Identify

Poa annua grows upright in dense bunches or clumps. The leaves of this weed are smooth with serrated edges and boat-shaped tips. Annual bluegrass is also adorned with seed-filled spikelets that produce ample seeds. Poa annua prefers cool temperatures and wet conditions. It emerges in the early fall and continues to grow through till warmer temperatures arrive in spring.

Control Methods

Control Difficulty: Difficult

Due to the incredibly fast growth rate of poa annua, this weed can be difficult to stop once it has germinated. The seedheads of this weed are capable of persisting even when mowed at very low heights. Because this weed is so well covered with seeds and has such a quick growth rate, your best option is to have a lawn control company preventatively treat your yard.

Prevention Tips

The fast growth rate of this weed makes poa annua challenging to control once it has germinated. Annual bluegrass germinates mainly in the fall, so we recommend spreading a pre-emergent weed control product during the fall season. Professionally applied pre-emergents produce the best results.
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