What to Expect from Mosquito Control Service

expectations from mosquito service

Unsurprisingly, the mosquito is one of the most hated insects. Mosquitos are the ultimate pest and annoyance. They fly around you, bite you, leave itchy bumps on your skin when bitten, and can carry diseases.

There isn’t a whole lot to love about these tiny creatures. When all you’re trying to do is enjoy your beautiful lawn the last thing you want is for mosquitos to ruin it and there’s a lot to know about these pesky pests. If you still have questions about mosquito control services, review our FAQ’s about mosquito control service.

If your yard is being overrun by mosquitos there is hope to take back control of your lawn. This article will discuss everything you need to know about mosquitos and the most effective ways to rid your house of them.

What You Should Know About Mosquitos

What are they?

Mosquitos are tiny flying insects that bite humans and animals to feed off of blood. The female mosquito bites to receive nutrients from the blood to be strong enough to reproduce.

This bite can cause skin irritation from the mosquito’s salvia, which then leaves an itchy bump on its victim’s skin.

Are They Harmful or Dangerous?

Mosquitos do have the potential to be pretty harmful. Not only do they cause annoying skin irritation, but more seriously, they can transmit diseases.

Many of the diseases they are known to transmit are very harmful such as malaria, Zika, and West Nile virus.

When are Mosquitos Most Active?

Mosquito activity is directly linked to climate. Since not every state has the same climate, the time of year when they are most active will vary.

Also, different species of mosquitos prefer different times of the day. Some prefer daytime hours and some prefer nighttime hours.

What Conditions Do Mosquitos Thrive In?

Mosquitos are drawn most to moist, humid environments. These conditions are a prime breeding ground for them. They start to become active at temperatures around 50 degrees but thrive at 70 degrees and higher.

Mosquito Treatments

Several different types of store-bought products can temporarily help control mosquitos around your home.

It is highly suggested to still put on mosquito repellent as a first line of defense, especially in highly mosquito-populated areas. However, these products generally aren’t as effective or as long-lasting.

To effectively rid your home of mosquitos, professional treatment is recommended. A professional mosquito treatment will specifically target and destroy entire mosquito populations and prevent their reproduction.

What to Expect from A Mosquito Treatment from Gecko Green

Our mosquito control services go above and beyond with the utmost detail and attention given to each property. Every treatment is tailored to each customer’s desires and specific challenges. Treatments include:


Our trained professionals will arrive and conduct a thorough inspection of your property, paying close attention to any problem areas.

The technician will be assessing for breeding ground hot spots that would attract mosquitos. The biggest culprit of this is any standing water that is on your property.

Examples include water in birdbaths, planters, trash containers, gutters, etc. Mosquitos can lay their eggs in the smallest amount of water so it’s very important to identify the source of the problem.

Targeted Application

We strategically spray any high-risk areas that are found on your property with high-quality mosquito barrier spray and advanced equipment. Not only do we eliminate these mosquito hot spots, but we also spray surrounding areas in your lawn to effectively reduce mosquito populations for weeks to come.

Repeat Service

One mosquito treatment will provide you with relief from those pesky mosquitos for up to one month. To ensure long-term relief we offer monthly treatments.

Monthly treatments will create an effective “shield” around your home that will significantly reduce the number of mosquitos on your property.

To learn more about our mosquito services at Gecko Green visit our mosquito service page

Safety Considerations & Precautions

At Gecko Green all the mosquito sprays we use are safe for your family and pets. While the technician is spraying your property, it is recommended for all pets and family members to avoid where the technician is spraying.

Once the application is applied, your lawn is ready to be used 30 minutes later.

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With our services, you won’t have to worry about diseases spreading or horrible mosquito bites. 

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