Our Yearly Bed Weed Control Program in North Texas

We employ strategically timed visits throughout the year to ensure your ornamentals look healthy and vibrant in every season!

bed weed control program

Weed Control

The Beautiful Landscape You've Always Wanted

1. Early season weed prevention

In the early season, our experienced specialists will treat your landscape beds specifically for weeds that germinate in the beginning of the year. Because winter is a critical time to treat your landscape beds in order to create a protective barrier against spring weeds, we’ll do just that to ensure your landscape is healthy in even the colder seasons!

2. Spring weed control and prevention

During the spring we will monitor your landscape beds for any weeds, carefully treating them without harming your flowers and ornamentals.You deserve a beautiful, green landscape in the spring, and we'll give you just that!

3. Summer weed control

In the hot climate of the Metroplex, keeping nutsedge and grassy weeds contained is a crucial, yet time-consuming necessity. Our professionals will care for landscape beds throughout the hot summer, so that you can enjoy it without all the hard, back-breaking work.

4. Fall weed preparation

Our specialists will inspect and treat existing weeds in your landscape beds and apply pre-emergent for prevention of fall & winter annual weeds. As fall sets in and the temperatures cool down, we want to make sure you are spending your time enjoying the fantastic weather in the Dallas Fort Worth area and not having to battle these pesky bed weeds on your own!

Save Time and Money with Our Help

The truth of the matter is, ornamental trees and shrubs require an investment of both time and money that can be difficult to maintain. Don’t wait until weeds take over your landscape beds – let us help today!

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