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Fire ants continually disrupt the yards in Collin, Dallas, Denton, and Tarrant counties, and many others across North Texas. These ants burrow deep into your lawns and gardens, disrupting root systems, and cause plants and grass to die.

They create mounds in the soil, which disrupts the visual appeal of your landscape. Along with being dangerous to your lawn, they can also be dangerous to you, your family, and your pets.

Fire Ants will attack and bite when they feel their mounds being disturbed. These bites can sting for several days, and some may experience an allergic reaction to their venom. Let Gecko Green provide you with fire ant treatment service today, keeping you, your family, and your pets safe from their harmful bites.

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Fire Ant Treatment

Our fire ant treatment service includes:

Fire Ant Elimination

Our expert technicians have over 20 years of experience and our treatments can eliminate your fire ant problem the first time around.

Inspection of Your Property

Our trained professionals will assess the level of your fire ant invasion and create a treatment plan based on your needs.

Two Different Treatment Options

Whether you choose Top Choice or our Fire Ant Bait treatments, either one will result in a Fire Ant free lawn!

Annual Treatments

We provide two treatment options to eliminate Fire Ants. One is applied every six months, and the other option is applied once a year!

Trained Technicians

Our expert technicians are licensed and trained to deliver exceptional service. Having over 20 years of experience, their treatment options can eliminate your fire ant problem the first time around.

Gecko Green Guarantee

We are so confident in our fire ant treatment that if they come back before the 6 month or 1 year mark, then so do we! We will gladly return to retreat your property, free of charge!

Why Are Fire Ants So Difficult to Control?

Many home treatments aren’t effective in eliminating fire ants because they mainly kill the worker ants, but not the queens.

Once the queens have mated and are newly fertilized, they can travel a surprisingly long distance in search of soil to colonize.

You may notice mounds disappear after home treatments, but the queen will continue to reproduce below the surface, and a new mound will quickly re-form and populate. 

Smaller mounds may be missed during home treatments, allowing them to quickly flourish and grow in the absence of the larger mounds’ competition.

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Get Rid Of Fire Ants The First Time Around

Let our local specialists at Gecko Green assess the level of your fire ant invasion and create a treatment plan based on your needs. Our expert technicians have over 20 years of experience and our treatments can eliminate your fire ant problem the first time around.

We have two different approaches for dealing with Fire Ants:

Top Choice

Our first and best option is Top Choice, a product we will apply to your turf grass once a year.

This product is a granular insecticide that is spread over your lawn, and then activated when watered into your soil. The product will bind to the soil, creating a barrier of insecticide that will kill existing mounds and any fire ants that pass through the barrier.

Top Choice is so effective in controlling Fire Ants for two reasons: first, it is a non-repellant insecticide, which means it is undetectable by the Fire Ants; second it is formulated to be slow acting, which allows social insects like Fire Ants to spread the product throughout the colony before it begins to eliminate the ants.

The active ingredient in this product is called Fipronil which has been proven to be most effective in combating Fire Ant infestations over long periods of time. Assuming the barrier is not disturbed by any digging or excessive pooling of water, Top Choice is guaranteed to be effective for up to one year.

Second Option

Our second option is a fire ant bait, which destroys the colony by attacking its food supply. Given the feeding habits of fire ants, this method can be extremely effective.

The bait is spread throughout your lawn and is highly attractive to the worker ants who are foraging for food for the entire colony, as well as the queen.

The bait will be picked up by the ants, transported and fed to the entire colony, and will effectively be able to eliminate the entire population of this colony.

The bait is also slow acting, meaning it will allow the worker ants enough time to continue to spread the product throughout the colony before killing them.

Fire ant bait is applied twice annually, once in the spring, and then again in the fall. Fire ant bait is guaranteed to be effective for six months.

About Our Local Professionals

At Gecko Green, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service while delivering operational excellence.

That’s why we’re proud to share that all employees are background-checked and drug screened. Our trained professionals will also arrive at your home wearing a full Gecko Green uniform and driving a Gecko Green company vehicle.

Our Guarantee

At Gecko Green, we stand behind our products, as well as our trained technicians. Your satisfaction is always our guarantee as we aim to create a more safe and more comfortable outdoor experience for you and your family this summer. Call us to schedule a free consultation at any time!

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Take Back Your Lawn Today

Let us help you take back your lawn! Once our highly trained professionals have eliminated the fire ants from your landscape, you will be free to enjoy the outdoors without worry.

Not only will your lawn grow without disruption, but your children and pets can play without fear of attack. At Gecko Green, we will put your mind at ease so that your family can enjoy your lawn the way you’ve always dreamed!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire ants use mounds as a way to regulate temperature and moisture conditions throughout the colony. Mounds tend to pop up during cooler weather or after heavy rain.

They can also appear from colonies who have been living underground from a long time, or when ants are cleaning out tunnels and preparing for mating.

No, they should not cause any damage to well established trees. They will mainly use the tree as a nesting place and prey on other insects who may be feeding on the tree.

However, for newly planted trees, they may be able to damage and even kill them off.

Fire ants can create numerous and conspicuous amounts of mounds. Mounds consist of loose soil above ground. Fire ants vary in size, are generally small, aggressive, and sting relentlessly.

They are reddish brown in color and have abdomens darker than the rest of their body. If you’re still unsure what type of ant you’re dealing with, Gecko Green can help!

Both! First, they bite, which feels like a prickly sensation on the skin. This allows them to anchor down and lodge the stinger to inject their venom.

After injection (or stinging), they release an alarm pheromone alerting others to attack.

Fire ants originated from South America and were mistakenly introduced to the United Sates around the 1930’s. Coming through the port of Mobile, Alabama from various South American ships, these fire ants have now spread across the southern eastern states that border the U.S.

They have been spreading across the entire state of Texas since 1950.