Grub Control Service in Dallas – Fort Worth

Avoid the Headache of Grubs With Our Help!

Grubs are a common lawn care issue for many homeowners across North Texas. 

These insects are the larvae of many types of beetles that feast on organic matter in your soil and the roots of your grass. This results in major damage to your grass that leaves unsightly brown patches.

Grubs will eventually turn into adult beetles that will emerge from your soil to mate and lay eggs back into your soil, furthering this vicious cycle of damage to your lawn.

Our lawn care services at Gecko Green can help you avoid this headache altogether!
grub control

Grub Control

Our grub control service includes:

Inspection of Your Property

Our trained professionals will assess the level of grub worm infestation and create a treatment plan based on your lawns needs.

Two Treatment Options

Whether you need our Preventative Treatment, Curative Treatment, or both, we are confident that our professionals can protect your lawn against grub worms.

Critter Deterrent

Grubworms attract an array of critters to your lawn. Our treatments dwindle the grubworm population, which can result in fewer critter visits.

Trained Technicians

Our expert technicians are licensed and trained to deliver exceptional service. Having over 30 years of experience, their treatment options can reduce your grubworm population so damage to your lawn does not occur!

Gecko Green Guarantee

We are so confident in our mosquito program, that if the mosquitoes come back, so do we. We will happily return to re-treat your property free of charge!

Healthy Lawn

Our Grub Control Treatments protects your lawns health, allowing it to stay green and thriving for months to come.

Preventative Methods to Avoid Damage

Here at Gecko Green, we offer two types of grub treatments. The first is a preventative treatment and the second is a curative treatment. Keep in mind, every lawn has grubs! Once they no longer feed on the organic material in your soil and move on to the roots of your grass is when they become a problem.

We recommend utilizing our Grub Control Services to protect your lawn all year long. Our highly trained technicians have over 30 years of experience with treating and preventing grubs in lawns across North Texas, and are ready to help you too!

Timing is Key When it Comes to Grub Treatment

So, when is the best time for Gecko Greens Preventative and Curative Treatments

We can apply our Preventative Treatment anytime from April to June. This will be a liquid blanket treatment across your entire turf, but not in your flowerbeds. Once watered in, this treatment will transition towards the roots of turf grass.

This will kill off any larvae before they are able to mature to the grub stage. If there are any grubworms present, they will attempt to feed on the roots and ingest the product, killing them before damage is done. This can be done annually to ensure your turf continually fights off any potential larvae.

Gecko Greens Curative Treatment is aimed at lawns currently experiencing larger, older grub worms that are already active in the soil. This treatment is available in granular or liquid forms and can be applied at any time of the year. Once watered in, it will control the grubs on contact.

Please note, this treatment will not reverse the damage that has already been done. To prevent further damage to your lawn, we recommend pairing this with our Preventative Treatment for the following spring.

Our lawn Grub Control Service is the best way to protect your lawn from these pesky insects and keep it healthy!

About Our Local Professionals

At Gecko Green, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service while delivering operational excellence. That’s why we’re proud to share that all employees are background-checked and drug screened.

Our trained professionals will also arrive at your home wearing a full Gecko Green uniform and driving a Gecko Green company vehicle.

Our Guarantee

Our treatments come with the Gecko Green Guarantee! Meaning, we promise that for this calendar year your turf will not suffer from grub damage!

If any issues arise, we will come out and retreat your lawn!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Grubs are the larvae stage of June, May, or Japanese beetles. They have a c-shaped creamy white colored body and a well-defined brown head. Usually appearing during the summer, they live a few inches under the soils surface and feed on the roots of grass.

Yes! Not only do grubs wreak havoc damaging off your well-maintained lawn, but they also attract other critters to further this damage. Armadillos, moles, raccoons, opossums, and other critters will dig and tunnel through your lawn looking for these grubs to eat.

Grub damage results in irregularly shaped brown patches, usually in areas of your lawn that receive full sun. These patches are a result of the grass dying from the grubs feeding on its roots.

Use a hoe, or other tool, to cut a couple inches into the sod and begin to peel it back, you should see several grubs in the soil. (If zero grubs are present, the damage may be a result of something else).

Yes and no. A hard winter normally kills off many grubs, but those that remain will hibernate. Once spring arrives, they will wake up and continue feeding on grass roots, soon maturing into adult beetles, restarting the life cycle (and damage on your lawn).

Preventative options can drastically reduce the damage caused by grub worms. The best time to apply preventative grub worm treatments in Texas is sometime between mid-April and May when the worms are hatching and actively feeding.

Curative treatments are available in liquid or granule form. These treatments are used against the larger, older grub worms that are already active in the soil.