Grub Control Service in Dallas – Fort Worth

Avoid the Headache of Grubs With Our Help!

Grubs can be a real nuisance for any homeowner due to the excessive amount of damage they cause to the roots of your lawn. 

Grubs are the larvae of many types of beetles, including Japanese beetles and June Bugs, that feed on organic matter in your soil. 

They can and will feast on the roots of your grass, subsequently causing patches in your lawn to die – leaving you with a brown, unsightly lawn! They will eventually turn into adult beetles and emerge from your soil to mate and lay eggs, resulting in even more grubs hatched. 

With our lawn care services, we can help you avoid this headache altogether!
grub control

Grub Control

Preventative Methods to Avoid Damage

Gecko Green recommends preventative grub control to ensure these insects do not ever get the chance to damage your lawn. These underground pests can cause rather unsightly brown patches and holes in your lawn. Gecko Green offers lawn care that will take the preventative measures necessary to ensure your lawn remains green, healthy, and beautiful in every season!

Timing is Key When it Comes to Grub Treatment

In order to ensure your lawn stays healthy, our highly trained staff will implement a grub control treatment plan to protect your lawn today. 

It is important that the proper treatment be employed at the appropriate time. 

Gecko Green has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your lawn is getting the treatment it needs, at just the right time. You’ll never have to worry about your lawn when we’re on the job!

Why Gecko Green?

Let Gecko Green help you take back your North Texas lawn today from these disruptive insects! Our highly trained professionals will:

Come up with a treatment plan tailored to your lawn’s specific needs.
Ensure you maintain a green, thriving lawn for months to come.
Put your mind at ease so that you and your family can enjoy your healthy lawn, without all the headaches!

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