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Broadleaf weeds are easier to identify in the lawn. These weeds do not resemble grass, have broader, flat leaves, and can have small flowers, allowing them to stick out in your lawn.

Broadleaf weeds can also grow in gardens, natural areas, cracks in sidewalks, along driveways, and roadside. These are key indicators of a broadleaf weeds presence.


Controlling broadleaf weeds generally comes down to two methods, mechanical and chemical control. Mechanical control of hand-pulling or digging can be effective for most broadleaf weeds, before they have a chance to bloom and set seed.

This is especially effective for annual broadleaf weeds. For chemical control, homeowners can use selective broadleaf pre and post- emergent herbicides.


The best way to prevent broadleaf weeds, and other weeds, from invading your lawn is to ensure it is dense and healthy. Doing so by mowing your lawns grass at its proper height, combined with routine aeration and fertilization, along with proper irrigation.

Using selective broadleaf pre and post emergent herbicides throughout the year will also help you to deter broadleaf weeds from growing in your lawn.

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