Grassy Weeds

Grassy Weeds

Learn how to identify & treat the different types of grassy weeds to keep your lawn green & healthy!


Most grassy weeds are undesirable turf grasses that germinate and grow in lawns, but can lower the aesthetic appearance and the health of the lawn. Grassy weeds can be difficult to identify because they may seem similar to turfgrass but with some practice and awareness, you will be able to distinguish the foreign invaders!

Be familiar with your lawn type. Often times grassy weeds will grow at a different rate than the rest of the turf or it may be a slightly different color. These are key indicators of a grassy weed’s presence.


It is important to determine when the weed germinates and its lifecycle. Annual grassy weeds only emerge once a year, but a Perennial weed will see multiple generations of grassy weeds in just one growing season. This makes control for grassy weeds difficult. Depending on the season, the type of liquid post-emergent control should change to take on the different types of grassy weeds.

In North Texas, winter often brings winter grasses like Poa Annua, and the summer brings the ever-dreaded crabgrass. Even with post-emergent, it is important to practice good cultural practices like proper watering and mowing weekly in order to expedite the best results!


Because Turfgrasses and Grassy weeds share similar qualities, it makes control very difficult. Once a grassy weed emerges, control can become nearly impossible outside of resodding completely.

For grassy weeds, the use of preemergent at the right times and temperatures is essential to prevent these tricky weeds from emerging.

Make sure to have a strong watering, mowing, and fertilizing routine in order to strengthen your turf so the invading weed cannot take over!

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