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If you’ve noticed brown patches popping up around your lawn in Dallas, it might not just be the Texas sun to blame. What might appear to be a topical issue could indeed be a problem located deep in the roots of your plants – grubs! Grub control services in Dallas are a must for keeping your lawn…

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Grubs aren’t only unsightly, gross pests – their presence can result in a whole cycle of problems. Grubs are the larvae of many different species of beetles native to the Dallas area.

These little guys may look small, but they feed on the organic matter in your soil, and the root system in your turf, causing your lawn to die and develop brown patches if left undetected. But, that is not all…. if left untreated, these grubs eventually grow into beetles and lay eggs themselves, resulting in a new generation of pests. Don’t let this happen to your lawn. With our grub control services in Dallas, we can stop that cycle right in its tracks.


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Get Grubs Under Control Before They Take a Bite Out of Your Budget

In order to keep your lawn patch-free and your wallet happy, it’s a good idea to get the grubs under control early on before they start to wreak havoc on your lawn. Timing is everything! At the first sign of the problem, contact Gecko Green and we can consult with you on the proper course of action.

Our trained and knowledgeable staff will implement an effective treatment plan to control grubs for good if they are attacking your lawn. We have the necessary tools and the know-how to make sure that your lawn receives the specialized care and attention that it needs to get rid of unsightly brown patches and restore your lawn back to its greenest glory.

Your happiness is important to us. That is why when you choose Gecko Green, you will receive your first application for 50% off. Get great service, a great lawn, and a great deal all at the same time! 

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So, How Do We Beat the Bugs?

Grubs have huge appetites, and they are known for eating away huge patches of turf area in a short amount of time. That’s why timing is so important when it comes to treating and preventing grub infestations in Dallas. Our professionals will plan carefully around the seasons and cycles to get the maximum impact out of your treatment plan.

A Healthy Lawn is Your First Line of Defense

When it comes to keeping your lawn healthy and green, prevention is the best way to start. By preventing grub problems before they start, grub control in Dallas is much easier and more cost-effective. A healthy lawn is as important to your landscape as the immune system in your body, so it is vital to keep up your lawn’s health to prevent problems in the long run.

Break the Cycle without Breaking the Bank

At Gecko Green, we know how much pride you take in your lawn, and we know how frustrating it can be to see these pests take over and destroy areas of your turf. Your lawn is an investment, and you want to protect it. But don’t fret, just call the best and the experienced technicians at Gecko Green and we’ll create a comprehensive treatment plan. Let us take care of the grub control so you won’t have to!