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A long hot summer in Texas can take a toll on your turf. You can count on our lawn aeration in Fort Worth to revive your lawn, so it looks green and vibrant again. Wouldn’t you love to have healthier grass?

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There’s nothing like a strong, healthy lawn–and aeration is a great way to get there.  Aeration is the process of removing thousands of soil plugs from your grass, providing a pathway for air, water, and nutrients to reach the soil. The end of summer and early fall is the ideal time to repair summer damage and aid in recovery – specifically from late August to early October. There are so many benefits to our lawn aeration in Fort Worth, including: 


Lawn Aeration

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When our lawn aeration specialists finish the job, oxygen will get right to the soil where it’s needed. It’s like giving your lawn a breath of fresh air. Your grass will be in such good shape that it will be able to defend itself against pests, diseases, and more. The aeration process will enhance the effectiveness of your regular, year-round maintenance plan, ensuring you get the results you desire.

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Here at Gecko Green we want you to have the lawn of your dreams. Just imagine – an end to bare patches and a lackluster appearance from summer stress. Lawn aeration in Fort Worth will rejuvenate your lawn, providing relief at the time of year it needs it the most.