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Don’t let the harsh weather take the life out of your landscape! With our Tree & Shrub Care in McKinney, TX, you can enjoy a thriving landscape without the worry of the heat or cold taking that away!

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Do you have a beautiful landscape, but are afraid of how quickly it can fade and wither? Even the most fertile and bountiful landscape is fragile enough to die off within a single season without proper care.

Our climate and insects in Texas can be tough on plants, but with our expert tree and shrub care in McKinney, you’ll be proud of your landscape for years to come. 

At Gecko Green, we take pride in being a locally-owned and operated business here in Northern Texas. Taking care of people’s lawns, pests, trees, and shrubs is what we do best. 

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When you trust Gecko Green with your tree and shrub care in McKinney, you’re letting expert technicians with over 30 years of experience revive and maintain a lush landscape that you and all who see it will love. Find out why all our customers love getting the Gecko Green difference! 

Our tree and shrub care includes:

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Your Trees and Shrubs Deserve Some Love and Care!

Only with years of experience can a team truly develop extensive agronomical knowledge, and we want to put that knowledge to work for you. Your trees and shrubs require different treatments, depending on the season, and missing an application or applying the wrong treatments could have devastating consequences. 

At Gecko Green, we’ve found that it isn’t worth the risk! Giving your McKinney trees and shrubs love and care will provide your home with curb appeal, and can even save you money on energy costs in the long run. Trying to rejuvenate a landscape after ornamentals have died or started to wither is expensive, back breaking work. Don’t wait till it’s too late – let us do the work for you.

Make your yard come alive by providing it with the essentials it needs to be beautiful and healthy with our tree and shrub care in McKinney! Learn more about our Tree & Shrub Care Package, and get the pristine landscape your family has always wanted!

Your happiness is important to us. That is why when you choose Gecko Green, you will receive your first application for 50% off. Get great service, a great lawn, and a great deal all at the same time! 

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Don’t Let Insects and Disease Ruin Your Ornamentals

Being in the business for over 30 years means that we know what treatments work, and which don’t. At Gecko Green, we only use the best applications for tree and shrub care. These treatments protect your trees and shrubs from harmful insects and diseases. Insects and disease don’t take long to spread, and can take hold in your trees and shrubs before you’re even aware they’re causing a problem. Common diseases that may be affecting your trees and shrubs include:

Hypoxylon Canker
Fire Blight
Oak Wilt
Leaf Scorch

Pests can also be just as damaging to trees and shrubs as the diseases listed above. These pests include:

Carpenter Ants
Multiple Word Species
Lace Bugs

Proper Root Care

Roots are much more susceptible than they may seem. Healthy roots are the foundation for healthy trees and shrubs. We provide root treatments throughout the year to ensure that your ornamentals are getting the nutrients they need. By injecting liquid fertilizer into the root zone of ornamentals, we provide them with essential nutrients that protect the roots from harsh winter months, and bring robust foliage and enhanced blooms in the spring. When you partner with Gecko Green for tree and shrub care in McKinney, your trees and shrubs will be protected all year-round.

Customer Service You Deserve

From the time you call into our office to when our friendly technicians are applying treatments in your yard, you will be greeted with the same friendly and kind service that every Gecko Green customer experiences. We know that your trees and shrubs are valuable investments for your property, which is why we’ll protect them as if they were our own. Stop spending your evenings and weekends working on your landscape! Give us a call and find out for yourself why Gecko Green customers say we’re a one-stop-shop for all their lawn, ornamental, pest and mosquito control needs.

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The Gecko Green Difference

Here at Gecko Green, we offer professional service with noticeably visible results. We have highly trained professionals, remarkably personalized programs, and exceptional customer service that only a local business can provide. Our customers are our top priority, and this is central to our values. We are confident that when you become a customer you will experience the Gecko Green difference for yourself!