Type of Weed: Grassy Weed

Paspalum dilatatum


Dallisgrass is a troublesome perennial grassy weed that primarily occurs in the southern United States. This weed prefers to grow in developed, wet environments.

This weed is very difficult to control due to its aggressive reproductive methods that include spreading seeds, growing from rhizomes (part of the roots system), and growing using creeping stems (known as stolons).

How to Identify

Dallisgrass has a plush, circular-shaped, clumped appearance. Each clump of dallisgrass is composed of long, wide, rough-edged blades with tall seed stalks that extend vertically from this weed. These stalks can grow several feet tall and have spikes branching off the stalk. Each of these spikes produces masses of seeds from late spring to early fall.

Control Methods

Control Difficulty: Very Difficult - Prevention Only

Due to restrictions on the use of some herbicides, the post-emergent products labeled for use on dallisgrass can only be applied on golf courses, sod farms, and right of way locations.

As a result, companies are unable to treat dallisgrass with post-emergent herbicides in the excluded residential and commercial sites. The best way to rid your property of dallisgrass is through preventative pre-emergent herbicide treatments.

Prevention Tips

Depending on grass species and timing, a pre-emergent herbicide can be effective at suppressing dallisgrass. Preventing dallisgrass with pre-emergent products is most successful when professionally applied. Maintaining a strong, healthy turf with well-drained soil is also a great preventive measure. Avoid overwatering grass as well.
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