johnson grass

Type of Weed: Grassy Weed

Sorghum halepense


Johnsongrass is a fast spreading, warm-season, perennial grassy weed that is commonly found along roadsides, in fields and pastures, and at times in lawns and gardens. After early frosts or during drought, this weed has the potential to be toxic.

How to Identify

Johnsongrass grows vertically with large, wide, upright seedheads that often have a purple/red tint. The stems are rigid, smooth, and hairless. This weed can stretch up to 6 feet tall.

Control Methods

Control Difficulty: Moderate

Johnsongrass rapidly reproduces by seeds and underground rhizomes. Due to the quick spread rate, frequent mowing to stop seed dispersal is an important control measure. The most effective means of controlling this weed are through prevention measures.

Prevention Tips

Keep up a good maintenance plan with pre-emergent herbicides and fertilizers included. Frequent mowing is imperative to suppressing the spread of this weed. In time, these measures can get johnsongrass under control.
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