Top 10 Benefits of Weed Control Service

One of the first questions a new homeowner will have to ask themselves is how are they going to maintain their lawn. Who is going to mow? What about the weeds?

Then you will need to work out fertilization. Unfortunately, doing nothing to your lawn is rarely an option, so then the question is will a homeowner maintain the lawn themselves or budget to have a professional do it instead?

The first step should always be working out the mowing of your lawn. But, as soon as that is determined, you will then have to work out the quality aspect of your lawn. 

How do you plan to keep your lawn green, weed-free, and healthy? The decision is usually between doing the maintenance themselves or hiring a local professional lawn care company.

Here are 10 reasons to consider using a professional weed control service

Don’t Have to buy all the products

Probably the most obvious reason, you will have to obtain all of the products necessary to maintain a lawn. This may include fertilizer, post-emergent weed control and pre-emergent weed control, and you may also need insecticides and fungicides. Also, different weeds require different types of weed control. 

There are so many products that you have to know about and purchase to treat a lawn yourself. 

A professional lawn care company not only will have all of the necessary products, but they also have commercial licensing to buy the best products which are not available for regular purchase.


Once you have the product, you then have to figure out the best time to apply the product. Most products have label restrictions with temperatures and wind factors to consider.

Placing a product at the wrong time can either make it completely ineffective or it can damage your lawn. A professional weed control company is going to have the timing of applications down to an exact science.


A dry fertilizer will need a spreader to distribute the product. Liquid applications of both fertilizer and weed controls will require a sprayer to broadcast the application. A lawn will also need to be aerated at least once or twice in north texas which will require an aerator.

Once the equipment is acquired, they will also need regular maintenance and upkeep to keep them in good working condition and repairs if they break. 

A professional company will not only have all the necessary equipment, but they will have commercial grade equipment for maximum efficacy. Their equipment should be well maintained and in great working condition.

Recommendations based on landscape and turf types

One of the most beneficial aspects of a professional lawn care company is professional recommendations from experts. They can answer questions about watering based on your specific turf type.

This way you can be sure you have a healthy lawn that is not overwatered. They can also advise how to have your trees maintained or lawn mowing habits to get the perfect lawn!

Storage of products

Whether you purchase yourself or you use a professional company, most lawn care products are bought in bulk. If you buy yourself, you more than likely will not use all of the product in one use.

You then will have to figure out proper storage to ensure the products stay effective but also for the safety of children and pets in your home. 

Professional lawn care companies follow regulations from the EPA and Texas Department of Agriculture to ensure they are storing products safely and maintain the efficacy of the products.

Better quality oxygen

Why do any weed control at all? Is it bad for the environment? Did you know a healthy lawn produces an average of 3 times more oxygen than trees?

A 50 square foot lawn produces enough oxygen to meet the needs of a family of 4. A healthier lawn is going to dramatically improve the oxygen quality for you and your family, which is the best weed control benefit anyone can ask for!

Mow less frequently

When you have more weeds in your lawn, you will have to mow more often. Most weeds grow 2-3 times faster than normal grass types.

When there are no weeds in the lawn, your lawn will not get as high as fast and you will need to mow less frequently. If you use a professional landscaper, this could mean more savings!

Deters rodents

Rodents and critters love tall shaded canopies to hide in. A lawn that is not maintained creates the perfect hiding spaces for rodents and critters like field mice and other vermin.

General upkeep helps keep the canopy of the grass low and deters those critters from calling your lawn home.

Increase property value

A beautiful lawn greatly increases the curb appeal of your home. A house with good curb appeal sells on average 7% higher than one without. Curb appeal is the view of the home from the sidewalk which influences a prospective buyer.

It’s their first impression of a home. Unfortunately, this cannot be fixed in a weekend renovation like a fresh coat of paint.

Your lawn will need time and regular maintenance to be happy and healthy to increase curb appeal. It tells the prospective buyer this home has been well taken care of!

Best looking lawn on the street

You can have that green beautiful healthy lawn that makes all of your neighbors jealous. This beautiful healthy lawn can only be achieved through regular maintenance. We recommend a minimum of 9 treatments a year with weed control spread out between applications to achieve that beautiful healthy lawn.

Out of all these amazing benefits, the great of all is the confidence you can have in professionals. You do not have to worry if you are going to make a mistake and either burn your lawn or waste your money on an ineffective treatment.

You don’t have to stress about decisions on timings or overload your plate with the time commitment maintaining a lawn requires. Instead, you can have confidence in high-level service and professional-grade products that will give you the very best result.

Once you have decided whether to use a professional weed control company or not, you just have to decide who to trust. Our professionals have been caring for the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area’s lawns and landscapes for over 30 years.

At Gecko Green, we pride ourselves on providing our community with the best possible lawn care and pest control services – and that is why our services are always guaranteed. We would love to partner with you to bring you the lawn that you’ll love without the stress!

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