5 Benefits of Lawn Aeration

lawn aeration benefits

Core aeration has become a trending topic in lawn care over the last couple of years. Lawn aeration is the process of systematically pulling small cores of grass and soil from your yard – basically turning your lawn into one big absorbent sponge.

These small holes (about the size of your thumb) are hardly noticeable yet highly effective. You can learn all about how this impressive process works through our detailed article on all about lawn aeration.

Although you may have heard of aeration, you may now be wondering if it’s something you need to consider for your yard. Let us give you the answer simply…yes!

No matter your location or yard type, the process of aeration is a highly beneficial treatment for all yards.

Here are five reasons that you need to start an aeration treatment plan for your lawn today.

1. Take the pressure off your yard

We all love our lawns! We encourage our kids to play outside, we let our pets run around the grass, and we host barbeques and parties in our backyards. However, take all that activity and factor in the wear and tear of weather, and we realize…that’s a lot of pressure! Our grass needs TLC to keep up under all that stress, and there’s no better recovery treatment than lawn aeration.

After harsh seasons of overuse or rough weather, the grass and soil in your lawn can become compacted. This is when your grass has been so pushed down that the soil becomes severely hardened.

Compaction is relatively common after a tough summer or winter, but without treatment, it can cause serious damage to your lawn. Once the soil and grass have become hardened and nonporous, water can’t be adequately absorbed.

Aeration is an excellent solution for compacted yards. The process of opening small holes throughout your lawn loosens the compacted ground and also allows water access to soften the soil. Essentially, aeration relieves the built-up pressure, making it easier for water to make its way down to the roots. And the result? Lush, thriving grass!

2. Better circulation for your lawn

Silly as it may seem, we, as humans, have more in common with our yards than you may think. Our yards are living, growing organisms that require air, water, and nutrients just as we do.

Lawns absorb and cycle around these ingredients of life in a manner that is similar to our body’s circulatory system. Humans have the ability to boost their body’s circulation, and, using aeration, we can increase our lawn’s circulation as well.

Aeration creates hundreds of small holes in your yard, and these exposed openings allow water, fertilizer, and air to be absorbed directly into the root system.

Basically, you’re giving your yard a chance to breathe easier. Water and nutrients will be able to flow with ease through your soil, significantly improving root health.

Stronger, thicker roots = stronger, thicker grass!

3. Get rid of thatch

Over time it is common for yards to cultivate a layer of thatch under your healthy, green grass. Thatch is the compilation of grass clippings, dead grass, and other organic debris that can blanket your soil. Although it is natural for lawns to develop thatch, it can cause a lot of damage if left untreated.

Thatch prevents soil from having clear access to the surface. Water, air, and fertilizers are blocked from penetrating the soil and accessing the roots. Having widespread thatch is like having a blanket cutting off your soil’s access to everything it needs. Thatch can starve a yard and lead to extensive damage.

Luckily, aeration has the ability to push through the thatch, breaking it up all across your yard. After aeration carves a path through the thatch, your grass will have the surface access it needs to thrive again.

4. Better irrigation means no more puddles

Many yards suffer from poor irrigation, and the result is messy puddling in your grass. Pooling water can occur due to a nonabsorbent soil composition in your area, or you may have compacted hardened soil. The point is – your yard is unable to absorb and properly irrigate the water you’re giving it.

Not only can puddles look and smell bad, but they also attract mosquitoes – no thanks!! Aeration is effective at curing puddle problems because one of its main benefits is the improved ability of your yard to absorb and retain water.

Aeration creates small perforations throughout your lawn which creates a sponging effect. Water can enter through the holes, and the soil gratefully drinks it all up.

Aeration significantly increases your yard’s ability to absorb water deep into the root system, which means improved overall irrigation and moisture for your yard.

5. Prepare your yard for harsh seasons.

Aeration is an excellent tool for curing many problems that can plague your yard. However, it is also highly beneficial as a measure of strengthening your yard’s overall health, which effectively prepares your grass for seasonal wear and tear.

As we said above, aeration will improve your yard’s irrigation, circulation, and absorption creating lush, thick grass and a strong root system. After aeration, your yard is, more or less, the Arnold Schwarzenegger of yards!

If your yard’s health is boosted up, it greatly enhances its ability to deal with the stress and pressure of overuse and harsh weather. Neighbors will be begging to know how you’ve kept your yard resilient and vibrant through the drought and heat of summer.

Likewise, you can impress everyone with a durable, healthy lawn even through the grass’s dormant winter time – if you’re not covered in snow, that is.

Ask Gecko Green about starting aeration today!

Most lawn care experts will agree that aeration is essential to keep a healthy lawn. The many, many benefits of aeration simply can’t be argued with!

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