5 Low Maintenance Plants to Grow in Texas

plants to grow in texas

A fresh change to your landscape doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking or commitment. While the hot summers in Texas can take there toll on many shrubs, we’ve put together a list of plants that you can confidently and easily grow and maintain throughout the year. Get ready to add these to your honey-do list! 

1) Quartz Rose Verbena

Known for its bright pink flowers, the quartz rose verbena offers great groundcover with minimal work. Grown as an annual in every zone, this flower stays pretty resilient to weather changes and makes an excellent container plant for anyone in a less permanent residence. 

To brighten your yard once threat of frost has passed, plant in loose organic soil. Place in full sun and water when dry. 

2) “Lord Baltimore” Hibiscus

With large red flowers, you can enjoy this local Texas perennial for years and years. The flower blooms from July until the first frost, so you can get plenty of joy out of this beautiful flower. Dying back in the winter, this plant quickly returns early spring. This perennial likes moist soil, so planting near a pond or a water feature is a good idea if you are one who often forgets to water. 

hibiscus flower

3) Hydrangeas

While some newly developed strains may take a little more effort, your grandma’s garden hydrangeas are still a great low-maintenance choice with beautiful visual impact. The key to this plant is being aware of your soil type. Hydrangeas like sandy, acidic soil, so they may not grow as well if your home is on black, alkaline clay like the Blackland Prairie soils found in North Central Texas. 

4) Rhododendron

Another classic, these beautiful bushes are perfect if you’re looking for some low-maintenance coverage. With heights ranging from dwarf to 12 feet tall, these beauties offer great shade to any size space you need filled. The trick to growing rhododendrons in Texas is to be aware of the heat tolerance of the plant you choose. Because we’re in Texas, you want a plant that can tolerate long, hot summer days.


5) Belinda’s Dream Rose

Who doesn’t want their own rose garden? With Belinda’s Dream, you do not need much talent to do so! This is one of the best flowering roses that requires the least effort. Bred in Texas to withstand hot temperatures, this flower blooms from Spring until the first frost. If you need a centerpiece for your yard, Belinda’s Dream Rose may be the bush for you! 

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