Is it Better to Pull Weeds or Have Them Sprayed

spray or pull weeds

Your lawn is not merely a pretty front piece to your home, it is also an entire ecosystem. This ecosystem relies on nutrients and micro-organisms to sustain itself.

Weeds, however, are problematic because they disrupt the aesthetic look of the lawn and also take nutrients away from the grass. Should you dig out the weeds? Should you have a lawn company do a weed treatment?

In this article, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of both pulling weeds and weed treatments.

Whether you treat the weeds yourself or want a professional lawn care service, we’ve got your lawn’s best interest in mind to help you get the best-looking lawn!

Pulling Weeds: Advantages and Disadvantages

Many people know and despise digging up weeds. It can be a difficult and exhausting job that never seems to finish. Another disadvantage is the time commitment required to not only locate the weeds but then dig them up.

In addition, some weeds have strong, deep roots that are difficult to get rid of. Despite all of the disadvantages to pulling weeds by hand, there are numerous advantages as well.

An important first step in getting all of the benefits of digging up weeds is to have all of the proper tools. Gloves are a must because some weeds can be spiny or have sticky sap.

Second, a quality weeding stirrup hoe and a weeding trowel will make an enormous difference in time and effort used to pull the weeds. And a wheelbarrow or cart will make transporting the weeds to a hot compost area easy.

An advantage to pulling weeds is that the results are immediate. The weed is gone and can be thrown directly into the hot compost, thus allowing the grass to take over the area.

Also, if the roots are dug out carefully, it eliminates the return of the weed completely. Weeding by hand or with special tools for the job is focused on only the weeds, meaning there is no risk of your grass being negatively affected or accidentally killed.

Once you have weeded the lawn it’s best to check it over every one to two days and get rid of the weeds while they are young and have flimsy weaker roots.

Especially with a smaller lawn area, pulling weeds could be the best way to eliminate future weed problems and maintain a healthy lawn ecosystem.

Weed Treatment: Advantages and Disadvantages

Weed treatments are a popular way to control weeds quickly and efficiently. Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages to using chemicals to control weeds.

First, nonselective weed controllers are harmful to weeds and grass so it’s important to choose a selective herbicide that targets weeds and will not harm the grass.

Weed controllers use strong chemicals that are potentially harmful to not only humans but wildlife and pets as well so it’s best to read all of the warnings and directions carefully.

Finally, weed controllers can take anywhere from a few days to two weeks to work fully to eliminate the weeds, therefore for those one to two weeks, there is the potential for unsightly brown spots or wilted weeds.

A major advantage of spraying a weed controller is the time that it saves you. A large lawn or landscape can be sprayed in a short amount of time, especially compared to weeding by hand.

Especially if you hire a weed control expert, they will take care of everything for you while you can kick back and not lift a single finger which is why we recommend hiring a professional lawn care company over DIY treatment options.

In addition, spraying the weeds is effective at controlling the weeds completely. The chemicals not only wilt the plant but are absorbed and destroy the roots.

As mentioned before, choosing a selective weed controller will allow you to target only the weeds, leaving your grass unharmed.

Some of the weed controllers work within days making them an efficient choice as well as restoring the lawn’s aesthetic quickly.

Finally, there are also specialized pre-emergent herbicides that help to prevent future weeds from growing.

Better Weed Control Service

If weeds are taking over your lawn’s ecosystem, it’s probably time to call the experts at Gecko Green.

Weeds can be a real hassle and if they’ve already become established or are spreading it’s best to get them taken care of before they take all of the nutrients from your grass.

So give the lawn experts at Gecko Green a call and have them come take care of the weeds for you. Once the weeds are gone you can sit back and enjoy your pristine lawn.

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