Can Weeds be Killed Permanently?

kill weeds permanently

There is nothing like having a beautiful lawn or garden. If you take pride in your lawn and garden you know how much work it takes to keep it looking pristine.

Nothing is more of an eyesore than a bunch of weeds creeping into your lush lawn or manicured garden. Weeds are the vain of existence for gardeners. Nothing could be more time-consuming and painful to get rid of than weeds.

You can try to get rid of them yourself or you can hire your local weed control expert. If you deal with weeds regularly you may be asking yourself “Is it possible to get rid of weeds permanently?”

In this article, we will dive into this topic and provide you with all the weed information you need to know.

What Are Weeds?

First off let’s start by defining what a weed is. Distinguishing what constitutes a weed is more complicated than one would think and can be considered very subjective.

When looking through the Weed Science Society of America’s list of weeds, one could easily consider some of them as desired plants.

For the sake of this article, we will refer to weeds as any plant that is growing in the wrong place. For example, an undesired plant in someone’s lawn or garden.

Can Weeds Be Eliminated Permanently?

Answering this question is complex. Essentially you can permanently get rid of one type of weed with weed control measures.

However, you cannot get rid of weeds as an entire plant class. It’s roughly estimated that about 8,000 plant species are considered weeds.

This means once you spray for certain types of weeds, another weed species could emerge.

Since there are so many different kinds of weeds it’s nearly impossible to make the bold statement that weeds can be killed permanently.

To put it simply, weeds as an entire plant class cannot be killed permanently, only individual weeds.

Why Do Weeds Easily Reappear?

Even after doing weed control measures, it’s a common complaint that weeds keep appearing.

This is due to several possible factors. One reason is simply not pulling the weed from the roots. If roots are left behind, the weed will likely grow back.

Another reason is that wind, birds, and nature can transport seeds into your lawn allowing weeds to enter and grow. Lastly, if you have patchy sparse grass in your lawn, this allows weeds to flourish and grow in those bare spots.

These weed characteristics and circumstances provide even further insight as to why it’s extremely hard to say weeds can be permanently eliminated. 

The best way to ensure you have control over your weeds is to hire a professional lawn care service. 

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