How to Care for Your Lawn After Aeration

caring for your lawn after aeration

Most homeowners desire a green lush lawn. Achieving a dream lawn requires a lot of work and routine maintenance.

One of the most common and effective ways to maintain a healthy lawn is by lawn aeration.

Aeration is used to aid in grass and plant growth. Lawn aeration however is just one small step needed to create your dream lawn.

Most homeowners don’t know that aeration alone could be insufficient. Certain steps and actions should be taken after aeration.

This article will explore all the steps you should take after lawn aeration.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a service used to break up and prevent compacted soil. This allows grass roots to grow deeper and utilize water and fertilizer better.

It works by using a machine that mechanically removes soil cores and deposits them on the surface to be naturally broken down over time. 

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Steps to Take After Lawn Aeration

Let Your Lawn Rest

Keeping foot traffic to a minimum is one of the most important things to do after having your lawn aerated. The aerator plugs and holes should be allowed to break down naturally.

The plugs left behind in the aeration process are not the most visually appealing thing, however, they should be left alone.

Eventually, the soil plugs will be filtered back into the lawn as a part of lawn growth.  

If you have opted to reseed after aeration it is especially important to not disrupt your lawn. You should allow time for the germination process to occur. The aeration holes will fill with new grass.

Water Your Lawn Deeply

To establish a stronger and more resilient lawn you should water deeply. This will allow for a strong root system.

Watering after aeration gives water access to the established root system. Water will also help to break down the soil plugs on the surface of your lawn.

Watering deeply is important; however, you should be cautious to not water too frequently.

Reseed Your Lawn

If you have bare spots in your lawn you can opt to reseed after aeration. Grass seed will fill the soil plugs and create a lush lawn.

The soil plug holes that are created are the perfect environment for growing grass seeds.

The seed will be planted deep and will be protected from birds and elements that prevent seed growth.

Limit Mowing

If you reseeded your lawn after aeration it’s best to limit mowing for about 2-3 weeks. This will ensure that grassroots will establish deep roots and grow strong.

Call Gecko Green For Help

Doing these simple steps after lawn aeration can make a huge difference to elevate your lawn to the next level.

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