Dormant Oil Spray for Trees and Shrubs

dormant oil spray

What is Dormant Oil Spray?

Dormant Oil Spray is an eco friendly solution to help prevent the attack of harmful insects and mites on the trees and shrubs in your lawn. It is completely non-toxic to humans and pets, so there is no downtime after application, and it is not a threat to the health of your animals and loved ones. 

In fact, it was initially used to protect fruit trees from pests and scale, because it is not harmful to pollinators, and also not harmful if ingested. 

It can even be sprayed on the fruit of the tree itself. Its name has to do with its time of application, not its ingredients. Dormant oil spray is typically petroleum oil or mineral oil based, although sometimes based in vegetable oil. 

Although initially engineered to protect these fruit trees, dormant oil spray is now commonly used to protect our trees and shrubs as well, and if applied properly can protect our plant life from harmful pests, insects, and larva.

How Does Dormant Oil Spray Work?

Dormant oil spray may not completely eliminate all harmful insect life for your trees and shrubs, but it is very effective in limiting the growth of a population before it begins. By killing the eggs laid by pests on your plants before they hatch, dormant oil spray guarantees a smaller initial population, which will lead to easier problem solving later in the season. To apply, the oil can be directly sprayed onto the limbs, leaves, and fruit of your existing plant life.

The oil works in several ways to protect your trees, shrubs and plants. The oil penetrates the outer shell of adult insects, suffocating and killing them. It also works to suffocate and kill any existing insect eggs and larvae, eliminating these insects before they can harm your plant life. It will also interfere effectively with insect breeding, again helping to nip any future pest problems in the bud, before they threaten the health and growth of your trees and shrubs. 

It is, however, most effective on eggs, young insects, and larvae, so timing is the most important factor in ensuring the product's efficacy.

When Should I Apply Dormant Oil Spray?

Because this is a preventative measure, and as its name suggests this spray is applied when plant life and insect life is most dormant. In Texas, this would come in late winter for us, just before temperatures begin to rise, and after temperatures have risen and maintained above freezing. Spray the oil generously on the branches, leaves, and fruit of all your trees and shrubs to ensure a smaller harmful insect population in the coming months of spring and summer. 

If this is your first time using this product, or you’re not sure you’re applying it correctly, consider contacting a lawn care specialist near you to assist you.

Here at Gecko Green, we take a number of preventative measures to ensure your spring and summer plant life grows and thrives to its fullest potential, including the use of dormant oil spray. 

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