Grubs in North Texas

grubs in north texas

Grubs are incredibly common in North Texas and when they come in large numbers, they can wreak havoc on your lawn, but what are they in the first place?

Grubs are the larvae stage of the June Beetle (sometimes referred to as May beetles). June beetles go through a metamorphosis similar to a butterfly. You could say grubs the caterpillars of Beetles. 

In north Texas, White grubs are the most common. Their body is a creamy white color with a c-shaped body. They are most identified by a well-defined brown head. 

Have you noticed how many June beetles there are here in Dallas, Texas? With so many beetles, it only makes sense that Texas would also have a ton of grubs.

Just because you have grubs in your lawn does not mean your lawn will suffer from grub damage because every lawn in North Texas is going to have grubs.

Please note that if you find June Bugs on your doorsteps, or are near a street light and see them all over the sidewalk near your home you for sure have eggs throughout your lawn.

The Beetles are attracted to lights and while beautiful landscape lights are gorgeous they are also an attractant for the June Beetle.

Pro-Tip: Need at least 10 grubs in the area of your hand to be at risk of any damage. 

An adult June bug will burrow into the soil to lay a clutch of eggs. These eggs will hatch and become what is known as grubs. Grubs are typically dormant during the fall and winter months, but they will begin feeding on roots come spring. 

Because we live in a transition zone in North Texas, Grubs can occur at any time of the year. 

Grubs primarily feed on the roots of warm-season turfs like Bermuda or Saint Augustine. Once the root system is destroyed the turf has lost its ability to properly feed and absorb nutrients from the soil.

Grub worms can destroy a pallet worth of sod in less than a month. So you have to identify signs of grub damage quickly.

How do I identify grub damage?

If you want to learn more, check out our guide on how to get rid of grubs in your lawn

Grub Control with Gecko Green

Gecko Green offers grub treatments that exist in both a curative and a preventative. If you as a homeowner have a history of grub problems, it may be beneficial to consider a grub preventative treatment on an annual basis. If you become a victim of grub damage you will want to get the control immediately and follow up with a preventative in the next spring.

Gecko Green offers both preventative and curative treatments. Please give us a call, with over 30 years of experience in DFW, our technicians can expertly treat your lawn to prevent or get rid of grubs!

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