How to Choose a Lawn Care Program

lawn care program

Choosing a good lawn care program can be difficult, whether you’re a first-time homeowner, recently moved to a new house, or you’re just fed up with having a sub par looking lawn. Unless you’re well versed in lawn care, it can be tough to know what to look for or expect from a lawn care program.

Here are some questions you should consider when choosing the right lawn care program for you:

Question 1: How many applications should you have for the year?

One of the first things to consider is how many times a year you will need the lawn care company to come out and service your yard.

While it may seem like some seasons are easier on your yard than others, the truth is that every season brings unique problems and pressures for your lawn. This is especially true when it comes to weeds!

Weed pressure in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex is a year-round problem. There are different weeds for all the different seasons, including the cold winter months, so the war on weeds never ends – and your weed control program can’t either. 

Another factor that affects your lawn is that each season has unique insect and disease concerns. Although we love to enjoy the changes of the seasons, each change in the weather closes a door on one kind of insect or disease problem and opens a window to a new one. So whether it’s the first cool day of autumn or the heat of summer, make sure you’re prepared with year round lawn insect and disease protection.

Don’t forget that each change in the weather also puts strain on your yard. Some times of the year we’re dealing with drought and others it can be excessive rain; so there’s always a need for seasonal fertilizers and nutrients to keep your lawn healthy and ready to deal with adverse conditions.

A good program covers your lawn year round. You absolutely need to ensure your program includes an adequate amount of visits for the year.

Some companies only offer 7 or 8 visits (sometimes less!) in their lawn care program. That is not enough visits in Dallas/Fort Worth to achieve a weed free, healthy lawn all year.

The ideal number of applications for homeowners in Dallas/Fort Worth is 9 visits per year, with a technician visiting your property every 35-45 days to ensure your lawn gets what it needs when it needs it. 

Good lawn care programs will also include free visits in between those 9 visits at no additional charge to address weeds or insect problems that may arise more frequently during certain seasons.

Question 2: What does the program include?

When browsing through lawn care companies and programs, you’re going to encounter a lot of different options and offers available to you. But most of us typically have no idea what a program for our yard really needs to include.

This list can serve as a guide when you’re evaluating your options. We highly recommend your program includes:

  1. Four pre-emergent applications to prevent weeds from germinating.

  2. Seasonal fertilizers optimally timed for growth and color.

  3. Lawn-damaging insect control and prevention.

  4. Full common weed coverage (for example, some programs will charge you extra for nutsedge or crabgrass control).

  5. Disease control and prevention.

  6. Free service calls in between applications (every year is different and sometimes you need more visits to control the weeds in your lawn).

  7. Free expert lawn consultations (if you’re planning a large renovation or want expert advice, does the program include access to a lawn care expert to advise you?).

  8. Seasonal watering and mowing tips to make sure your lawn care fertilization and control program is set up for total success.

Question 3: Is the program customizable and tailored for your geographic area and grass type?

How many times have you tried a “one size fits all” item of clothing only to realize that you must not be included in this company’s definition of “all?” It’s the same with your lawn!

No two properties are identical so how could they possibly all fit into the same program mold? “One size fits all” programs are efficient, require less training, and are less expensive for companies – but very rarely do they work out best for you. 

Its important to find out if the program will be adjusted by the technician for your lawn’s specific needs.

Every lawn is unique and may need an adjustment to the scheduled program for optimal results.

Perhaps you’ve been working on your own yard and you just want a few applications a year to supplement your existing efforts – is the program customizable enough to work with you?

Is the program designed for your soil and grass type? “One size fits all” programs are designed with large regional areas in mind, not your specific region.  

Gecko Green’s Lawn Care Program

Gecko Green’s lawn care program provides your yard with what it needs, when it needs it – year-round. We visit 9 times a year for optimal timing and on top of that, we guarantee our results.

That means service calls in between regularly scheduled visits are free and included all year long.

Our program includes 4 expertly timed pre-emergent applications to ensure maximum prevention of weed seed germination. You’ll also get a seasonal, balanced fertilizer program to feed your lawn and provide it with the nutrients it needs.

Other included services that you’ll receive are lawn-damaging insect control, disease control and prevention, and all common weeds will be covered (including nutsedge and crabgrass).

Also included in our package are seasonal watering and mowing tips as well as free expert consultations. We have the most knowledgeable technicians and managers in the industry who are always ready and happy to offer their expertise as part of your program.

Gecko Green strives to serve their customers in the best possible way – which means our service is always customized and tailored for you. We adjust our program for your lawn’s specific needs because we understand that the soil and grass types of your area are unique.

Call Gecko Green Today

Gecko Green offers all of the best lawn care program options – all customized to your individual property. Why? Because our locally owned and operated company genuinely cares about taking care of your lawn.

We want to leave you with a smile on your face and a healthy yard so you can enjoy your outdoor areas all year long.

“Feeling a little lost trying to choose a good lawn care program for you? Call us today and we’ll help you find your way to a healthy lawn!”

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