How to Find a Lawn Care Company in Dallas

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Summer is fast approaching here in Dallas Texas. For homeowners, this means it’s time to consider how these hot summer months will soon be affecting your lawn and outdoor spaces.

The dry heat we Texans are accustomed to can lead to a stressed lawn, which will become more susceptible to brown patches, the onset of weeds, and a general lull in the strength, appearance, and health of your turfgrass.

Maybe you’re interested in mosquito control or general pest control to maintain an enjoyable outdoor environment for your family. Either way, it’s time to take the steps to protect and promote a healthy lawn and pleasant outdoor space, and consider hiring a lawn care company to help.

Here are some tips for what to look for and questions to ask yourself as your begin your research to make sure you find the lawn care company that’s best suited for you and your family.

1. Should the Company Be Local or National?

As a customer, the draw towards a large or well known brand can feel natural when choosing any product or service. You may have heard the name, seen TV ads, or assume that because of the general size and relative success of this larger company, they offer better services. In some cases, this may be true.
However, when it comes to treating your lawn, a local company will likely have a more specific and extensive knowledge of your turfgrass in particular.
Here in Texas, we deal with very specific types of stressors to our lawns. Crabgrass, dallisgrass, rescuegrass and thistle are just a few of the many weeds Texas homeowners may find themselves battling. A local Texas lawn care company will be highly educated on how these weeds take root, spread, and effect your lawn. They will also be highly experienced in specifically preventing and killing these weeds without compromising the quality of the grass surrounding these pests. A local lawn care company will also be very privy to the weather that affects your lawn, and know when it is time to make treatments and applications based on the current, and often extreme, weather conditions we face here in Texas. A larger company may make you feel like you’re just one out of one million customers, and will not be able to give you the more personalized experience you’ll find with a local company. At Gecko Green for example, when you call or email our offices with questions or concerns about your lawn, you’ll know you’re speaking to a trained specialist here in Texas, rather than an employee at one of many call centers anywhere in the country. We believe in giving our customers the personal attention and experience they deserve.

2. Are the Customers Satisfied?

Luckily, this is a question that’s easily answered. When considering lawn care companies, check their google reviews, read what customers are saying, and take note of how they’re rating their overall experience. Also, be sure to see if the company you’re considering is rated with the Better Business Bureau, and look for an A+ rating.

Gecko Green’s reviews and ratings speak to the level of service our customers can expect. These reviews can be found here on our site, where we’ve showcased the positive feedback we regularly received from our satisfied customers all over the web.

3. What Types of Services and Plans are Available?

Every lawn is unique, and each one requires a different level of service and care. Ideally you will want to choose a company that will begin your service by sending a specialist to your home to inspect your lawn, discuss your issues and expectations with you, and customize a plan to meet those expectations.

At Gecko Green, every customer we work with receives a free visit from our technicians to do just that.

We will assess your needs and expectations and come up with a customizable plan that fits your schedule, budget and goals for your outdoor space or lawn. You can receive a quote in person, as well as over the phone at our local office.

As your service progresses, you can call at anytime to request a visit from a specialist, free of cost, to continue discussing any ongoing issues you’d like to address in your treatment plan. If you are in search of pest control as well as lawn care, you may want to find one company who handles both, for the sake of pricing as well as convenience.

Gecko Green has trained specialists and customizable plans for both lawn care and pest control.

4. Who are My Technicians Going to Be?

This is an important question to consider, as these technicians will be regularly visiting your property, and potentially coming inside your home for pest control treatments. Be sure to see if the companies you’re considering provide information about who their technicians are. Are their employees displayed on the company website?

If requested, will the company provide you with information on their specialists experience level? If you’re having a specific issue with your lawn, does this company employ well trained, educated technicians with specific knowledge of your issue to properly address the problem?

Make sure the lawn care company you choose meets these requirements as thoroughly as the team does here at Gecko Green. Our team of lawn care specialists and pest control experts are educated and prepared to help you make the most of your outdoor space, and ensure that you get the most out of your lawn care experience.

Why Choose Gecko Green?

Gecko Green is a locally owned lawn care company here in Texas, whose primary goal is to ensure their customers needs are met specifically, properly, and to their full satisfaction. Call our local office today to schedule a free in person consultation, or recieve a quote for the services you’re looking for over the phone.

Don’t forget to check out our reviews from all over the web, and see what our customers are saying about their experience, you won’t be disappointed! 

Get a healthy, beautiful lawn today!