How to Find a Lawn Aeration Company in Dallas – Fort Worth

lawn aeration company

Aeration has been a hot trending lawn care topic in recent years. People are catching on to the fantastic benefits and undeniable results of lawn aeration treatments. Check out our blog on the benefits of aeration for more information.

How does it work? Core aeration machines move across lawns (similar to a mower) and pull up 2-3 inch plugs of soil. The resulting soil plugs are then scattered across the lawn’s surface and break down over time as extra nutrients into the ground.

The main point of aeration is to loosen up the dirt, so water, fertilizer, and nutrients can be absorbed more easily.

Aeration is an excellent treatment for thatch, compact soils, and generally stressed out yards. Properly timed and executed core aeration creates optimal grass health conditions so your lawn can flourish. To learn more about how aeration works, read our blog on how to aerate in Dallas.

But where do you turn when you’re ready to start aeration treatments in your lawn? What do you need to look for, and what questions should you be asking? Well, if you’re ready to get your lawn healthy and in “yard of the month” shape, then follow these simple tips on finding a lawn aeration company in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area.

Choose a local company

Most people are quick to jump to nationwide corporations for home services in today’s day and age. However, now more than ever, it is critically important to support local businesses. Supporting local businesses is one of the absolute best ways to help your local economy and community thrive.

There are also many other terrific benefits to selecting a local lawn care company over a nationwide chain.

Local companies often have more specific and extensive experience in maintaining healthy lawns in your area. This is an especially crucial consideration for residents of the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area. DFW has tough soil and a unique climate. No one can aerate in the DFW better than a company with 100% focused local knowledge.

Clients are often more satisfied with the results in their lawn when using a local lawn care company. But also (and perhaps even more importantly) people tend to be more satisfied with the customer service from a local company.

When you call a local lawn care company, you talk to people in your area right away…no long waits to be transferred from some distant call center with a large national company. It’s important that the company you choose gives your lawn excellent treatment, but don’t forget that you deserve excellent treatment as well.

Check local reviews

If you’ve started looking around for a lawn care company, you should first look into what other people say about their aeration services. Take a look around Google, the Better Business Bureau, and any other variety of reputable sources. Companies will try to sell you all day long, but customer reviews will be honest and lay out the real deal.

Be sure to read reviews on both aeration results and customer service. Ask yourself these questions while reading reviews:

Were people satisfied with the customer service they received?
Were people happy overall with the treatment process?
Were customers pleased with the knowledge and experience of their technicians?
Were customers satisfied with the actual results they saw in their lawn? (Look for before/after photos!).
And finally, if the customers had any issues with their aeration service, did the company make a real effort to resolve the problem and take care of the customer?

Ask the company about their technicians.

After you’ve completed your online aeration search, you should (hopefully) have a reasonably short list of solid lawn care companies to call. It is sensible to have a list of standard questions ready to go for when you make your phone inquiries. We recommend that you ask the company a bit about their technicians. These technicians will be coming to your home, so don’t be timid. Ask questions!

While inquiring about technicians, you should ask obvious questions, such as how experienced your technician will be. You could also check if the company lists and pictures their service technicians on the website. This way, you’ll know who to expect at your door. Ask if the technicians are trained specifically for aeration.

For example, at Gecko Green, our aerator technicians are expertly explicitly trained for aeration.

Our aerator technicians are also knowledgeable about lawn irrigation so they can aerate a lawn without interfering with your property’s irrigation system. To ensure success, Gecko Green also has licensed irrigators on staff for any irrigation issues. 

We recommend that you find out if you would have the same technician every visit or someone new every time. While this may seem unimportant to you, many customers prefer having one technician continuously treating their lawn. 

Having the same technician ensures that you are comfortable working with the tech, and they will work around your preferences. This regular technician would also be aware of your lawn’s unique details and be able to keep track of your lawn’s progress.

How often and when will they aerate your lawn?

Before you dive into hiring a lawn care company to aerate your lawn, make sure you’re clear about the details. Aeration can be a tricky treatment to properly execute, and timing is everything. In fact, aeration can actually cause more stress and damage to your lawn if not timed correctly. Be sure to check to see when and how often the company plans to aerate your yard.

For optimal health, lawns should be aerated twice every year in the DFW area because the local clay soil can become compacted easily. Ideally, in DFW, a company will set out a scheduled routine to aerate once in the spring and again in the fall.

Aerating in the spring helps your lawn recover from winter stress and encourages lush grass growth through the growing season. Aerating a second time in the fall provides your yard with a much-needed boost to repair the damage done by harsh summer conditions and prepare the grass for winter dormancy.

Your aeration treatments should never be randomly timed. Before you hire a company, make sure they create a solid plan for your property.

Do they offer customized aeration services and lawn care plans?

Every lawn and every customer is unique, so you don’t want to be lumped into a one-size-fits-all plan. The company you want to hire should create a treatment plan based on your goals for your yard and on the particular issues facing your lawn—this way, the plan is customized to your expectations.

Directly ask the lawn care company which method of aeration they plan to use. There are three main methods of aeration:


We recommend that you select a company that utilizes the technique of “core aeration.”

Core aeration is the most popular and most reliable method. It is also the best method for the clay soils of DFW that become so easily compacted. This “coring” technique is the absolute best at dealing with heavily compacted lawns because the process breaks up and redistributes the soil.

Another great question to ask is if the company offers fertilization. Aeration treatments are most successful at boosting a lawn’s health when combined with a fertilizer treatment.

Does the company guarantee its aeration services?

When hiring any service to care for your home, you should expect and receive what you pay for. Lawn care is no exception. You should choose a lawn care company that stands behind their services enough to guarantee them.

If you’re calling around inquiring about aeration services, directly ask the company if they will guarantee their aeration services. If you aren’t satisfied with your aeration service, you should have every right to ask the company to make it right.

So will you hit the cold shoulder if your service doesn’t provide the results you expected? Not if you hire the right company that guarantees their services.

Aeration in DFW with Gecko Green.

Our expert technicians at Gecko Green deliver core aeration services at their finest. We pride ourselves on guaranteeing our customers the best service possible.

From our all-star customer service team to our friendly, knowledgeable technicians – Gecko Green will make you feel like family. Read about our aeration service online or call us today for a free quote!

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