How to Landscape a Yard Without Grass

landscape a yard without grass

Every home has a landscape, but the question is whether it is intentional or not. No matter the circumstance, everyone wants their front or backyard to look great.

Keep in mind that keeping up with a lawn with or without grass is still work. So if you need a helping hand, get in touch with your local lawn service experts for help!

Now, what are the ways to landscape when you don’t have grass? Here’s how!

Landcaping Ideas

  • Wild flowers
  • Herbs
  • Moss
  • Arid plants
  • Gravel
  • Pavers
  • Patio
  • Raised garden beds
  • Rock garden
  • Deck
  • Water features

Native Plants

A popular alternative to a grass lawn is to have several varieties of native plant cover. Native plants can be used to create a meadow with a mix of ornamental grass and wildflowers such as Dutch clover, oxeye sunflower, or stiff goldenrod among many other choices.

The resulting meadow is not only less maintenance, but it is also aesthetically beautiful and attracts local bees to aid in pollination. Herbs are another great replacement for traditional grass by using them as a ground cover or even in their bush form.

Sweet woodruff, creeping thyme, Corsican thyme, or rosemary all provide ground cover, plus they are edible and many have beautiful flowers.

A third option is moss. Moss needs little care and will cover large areas of the yard if given time and shade. However, moss is prone to being damaged in high-traffic areas. In more arid places, and even not so-arid places, a great choice is sedum and succulents.

Both plants have a tolerance for heat and add beauty to any design with their glossy leaves and vibrant colors. Like moss, sedum and succulents are easily damaged and should not be used in areas that are heavily traveled.

Stone Cover

If you are simply done with plants of any kind, you may enjoy the option of a stone cover. There are numerous ways to use stone cover, but the most common are gravel, pavers, or a patio. The first way is to create spaces for gravel.

Gravel comes in many different sizes, colors, and shapes so it is important to choose a gravel that complements everything else happening in the landscape. That being said, gravel can cover a lot of ground and allow for drainage which means less mud.

Gravel is best used in combination with a few of the other methods mentioned in this article such as raised beds or with pavers. Pavers can be manufactured or they can be natural.

Pavers are common for walkways or paths, but they can be used in more versatile ways by creating patterns or edges around a central space like a water feature or patio.

A third option is a patio. Patio’s as well can be manufactured or natural depending on the preference of the homeowner. A patio can be the focal point of landscaping a yard without grass or it can be part of a larger landscape design featuring plants, water features, or gravel.

Outside the Box

Straying further outside the box of what a yard can be is turning the entire area into raised garden beds. Garden beds are frequently built using wood frames and could potentially provide food as well as aesthetic interest to the space.

A rock garden is also an option and can be as simple as visiting your local rock business to choose a handful of larger and smaller boulders and have them placed in the yard.

Often a rock garden will need to be paired with gravel or sedum and succulents to cover a larger area. There is always the choice of expanding or building a deck from scratch that could cover as much of the yard as necessary.

This would cut down on mowing and watering while also providing additional space to host parties or chill with friends.

Lastly, water features do not necessarily require a lot of water to be functional. A good system that recycles the water will allow the water to run down a river into a pond, drain into a basin underground, and then be pumped back to the beginning of the river.

The addition of water plants along the edge of the river and into the pond will allow evaporation to be minimized.

Lawn Care With Gecko Green

Whether it’s a wildflower meadow, a paver paradise, or an impressive water display, landscaping a yard without grass can be a triumph of ingenuity and design.

It can also be overwhelming and expensive. There is a simpler, faster alternative; a call to Gecko Green can get your lawn care taken care of with no headaches.

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