Tips for Controlling and Managing Weeds in Your Lawn


Tired of spending endless time trying to rid your lawn of pesky, unsightly weeds? Or maybe you don’t spend much time at all and your lawn is a mess because of that. You may feel like you spend far more time than you would like pulling weeds and devising ways to get rid of them. Or you may feel like you don’t spend enough time and that, unfortunately, shows on your lawn.

Either way, the real key to keeping your lawn weed-free is to work smarter, not harder. While spending your time yanking weeds out every weekend is certainly effective, there are much better ways to tame the beasts. Check out some great ways to get weeds out of your outdoor spaces quickly, and keep them out for good.

Do Not Disturb

Most gardeners and homeowners know that weeds don’t usually pop up alone. Every lone weed you find in your lawn is just one of many that survived to germinate in the topsoil of your lawn. That being said, you can be sure that there are plenty of seeds in your soil just waiting to get enough sunlight to germinate — don’t give them that chance. 

Pulling weeds that you see is helpful, but while you do so, be sure not to turn the soil unnecessarily. Doing so could bring more unwanted seeds to the surface, and make the problem worse in the long-run.

Know What to Look For

There is nothing worse than pulling a weed, only to find that it wasn’t a weed at all! When you’re working on your weeds, make sure that what you’re pulling is something that you actually want out of your lawn. Familiarize yourself with weed species that are common in your area, so you don’t have a world of frustration later. 

Get Your Mulch On

Using mulch on your landscape isn’t just a great aesthetic choice. The many benefits of mulch, other than providing moisture, shade, and more to your existing plants, include the fact that mulch also provides a healthy ecosystem for weed-eating insects. 

Bugs love moist, dark areas that mulch provides aplenty, and providing a home for these weed-eaters will benefit your lawn immensely. But, keep your mulch layer in check, as a layer of mulch that is too deep can cause irrigation issues, and may assist in growing weeds instead of getting rid of them!

Off with Their Heads

While keeping weeds to a minimum is great in theory, you can’t really get ahead of the game until you can keep them from reproducing. Cutting off the tops of many weeds, especially flowering ones, heads off their attempts to plant seeds of their own, saving you the trouble of dealing with the full-grown weeds in the future. 

This practice is not only great for your compost pile, but it also gives you extra lead time when taking care of your weed problem by preventing the quick seed spreading that makes weeds such an issue in the first place.

All these tips are great, but for many homeowners, the best way to take care of weeds is to not have to deal with them at all. Many people instead choose to hire professional help to deal with this annoyance, so that they can spend their time enjoying the more glamorous parts of owning a home — things like throwing parties or playing sports with their kids in the backyard. 

If you are tired of spending your nights and weekends in the backyard, consider our lawn care service in Flower Mound which include fertilization, pre- and post-emergent weed control, lawn pest control, and more.

Get control of your lawn weeds today!