Our Yearly Lawn Care Program in North Texas

Noticeable Results in Just 9 Visits

Lawn Care

Our unique lawn care program is based upon the seasons, but services can be started at any time of the year.  

Before the start of each visit, we’ll perform a detailed, custom diagnosis of your lawn’s needs to determine a solution specifically for you. 

Our lawn care program achieves noticeable results in just 9 service visits per year and includes proactive inspections unlike our competition!

Nine Strategically Timed Visits

Although these nine rounds are a general guideline for our lawn practices, we’ll always customize each and every application for the season and the needs of your individual lawn!

1. Round one: Early season preventative weed control

The first round in our lawn care program utilizes preventative weed control methods to prevent and stop weeds before they ruin your beautiful lawn. During the early season, our team will perform pre-emergent weed control to prevent winter annuals and post-emergent weed control to manage existing winter weeds. This will help to prepare your lawn for spring growth!

2. Round two: Late winter / early spring preventative weed control and disease inspection

As the weather begins to warm and lawns begin to green up in Dallas, we’ll return to your home to apply another barricade against annual weeds. Our early spring lawn care tasks include pre- and post-emergent weed control and an inspection of your lawn to diagnose any early spring fungal issues. This is also the time of year where we’ll consult and leave recommendations for lawn renovations. Winter can cause a lot of stress on turf in North Texas, and any areas not greening up at this time will need to be mended so you can have a beautiful lawn the entire season long!

3. Round three: Spring fertilization and weed control

By now your lawn has begun to green up and it has a strong barrier against common summer annuals. Our experienced professionals will fertilize your lawn to promote continued green-up and stimulate root growth and development! Our spring lawn care tasks include post-emergent weed control to manage existing spring weeds and insect and disease inspection to ensure your lawn stays fortified and protected.

4. Round four: Early summer fertilization, weed control, and inspections

By early summer, the Texas heat is in full swing and our experienced professionals will perform a number of key services this time of year for your lawn. Our summer lawn care tasks include slow-release fertilization, post-emergent weed control, and inspection and spot treatment for surface insects, fungal issues, and grassy weeds. During this time, it is also important to maintain proper lawn practices, so we’ll be sure to consult with you to ensure you’re mowing and watering correctly!

5. Round five: Mid-summer lawn preparation for fall

Mid-summer is a tough time for your lawn – heat stress and grassy weeds like Nutsedge can be a problem. We will visit to knock down those weeds again and continue feeding your lawn to make sure it stays resilient and healthy during our hot Texas summer.

6. Round six: Late summer lawn preparation for fall

We understand how to care for your lawn during a brutally hot Dallas summer so that it gets exactly what it needs to bounce back in the fall! We’ll make sure your lawn makes it through these hot months and is ready to look its best in fall with slow-release fertilization, post-emergent weed control, chinch bug control, and an inspection for insects and diseases.

7. Round seven: Early fall weed control and prevention

The beautiful season of fall in Dallas brings not only cooler temperatures, but also cool season weeds like thistle and henbit! Our services in the fall focus on weed control and prevention and include pre- and post-emergent weed control, spot treatment for fungal issues, and renovation strategies for bare and patchy areas. Fall fertilization may be included depending on your lawn’s specific needs.

8. Round eight: Fall Perennial weed control and winter weed prevention

In the fall months we will apply a winter pre and post emergent to help control pesky winter weeds like Poa Annua and Rescuegrass. Our fall services also include winter cultural practice recommendations and consulting for mowing height and watering frequency!

9. Round nine: Perennial weed control and prevention

Last but not least, our experienced professionals understand what your lawn needs throughout the cold dormant months to ensure it stays healthy. Our final application of the year focuses on pre- and post-emergent weed control to help manage weeds in your lawn for the upcoming cooler months. We’ll also consult with you on cultural practice recommendations for the winter so that your lawn is taken care of on both ends!

Get the Lawn You've Always Wanted

With our comprehensive lawn care program in the Dallas, Fort Worth metro area, you can get the lawn you’ve always wanted without all of the hard work it takes to properly maintain it. You can begin your treatment any time of the year, but the sooner you start the happier you and your lawn will be.

What’s more, we always clean up after ourselves, and our service includes the removal of fertilizer from sidewalks and driveways! What are you waiting for?

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