5 Ways a Super Wet Spring Can Impact Your Lawn

wet lawn in spring

It is often said that spring showers are the deliverer of lovely spring flowers. However, what happens when the spring season is a bit too wet? Unfortunately, when it comes to rain, there can definitely be too much of a good thing. Long periods of consistent, excessive rain over-saturate soil and can negatively impact lawns long term.

Understanding the effects of an overly wet spring can help you to prepare and protect your lawn. Summer is a high pressure season for yards in the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area. This makes proper spring care paramount to turf health. 

To help, we’ve compiled a list of the top five ways a super wet spring can sour your yard. Knowing the warning signs and adverse effects of an over-saturated yard can make all the difference.

1. Waterlogged soil leads to compaction problems.

The hefty pressure of excessive precipitation pushing down on grass and soil can cause dirt particles to compress, causing the soil to become dense and hardened. This compressed, thick soil condition is known as “compact soil.” Although compacted soil is a common yard challenge (especially in the clay soils of DFW), this issue can pack a mean punch to yard health.

When soil is compacted, it loses the healthy air pockets that allow oxygen to move freely through the ground. Thick hardened soil also constricts the mobility of roots and nutrients in the soil.

What’s even worse is when soil is too dense, it can’t efficiently absorb water and has poor overall drainage. This means that much of the rain hitting your yard may end up puddling.

Compacted soils simply can’t keep up with long periods of rain. They will become even more compacted as the ground is saturated.

Regular aeration services are the best way to combat these issues and aid your soil in absorbing water more efficiently. To learn more about compaction and aeration, read our blog on how to loosen compacted soil.

2. Wet springs create shallow root systems.

Another lawn problem that tends to pop up after a very wet spring season is the development of shallow root systems. During periods of excessive rain, the ground becomes over-saturated.

The bulk of this moisture ends up remaining near the surface as soil drainage tries to keep up with the water overload. When this occurs, grass plants do not have to go as far below the surface to access water. This encourages the growth of a shallow root system.

Shallow roots really become a problem when drier weather hits. The short, shallow roots will not be able to reach deep into the soil where moisture is more abundant in drought.

A shallow root system weakens your lawn and makes it more susceptible to weed growth.

The effects of water-logged soil stunting spring root growth will be seen in the form of thinning turf when the heat and drought arrive in the summer. Thus poor rooting from wet springs greatly affects turf throughout the summer requiring above average irrigation and increasing susceptibility to pests and disease.

Regular aeration services are the best way to combat these issues and aid your soil in absorbing water more efficiently.

3. Heavy rains can encourage weed growth.

While rain is responsible for grass growth, it also encourages all plant growth – including weeds. It is not uncommon after heavy rains to see new weeds spring up in the yard. After a very wet spring, turf often thins and weakens once the weather dries in the summer, creating perfect conditions for weeds to take over.

Once pesky weeds start springing up around you, stopping them can be very challenging without the help of a professional lawn care service. An expert lawn care company like Gecko Green knows to watch weather patterns and has the knowledge necessary to prevent and eliminate weeds effectively. 

Check out our blog to learn more about ways to control weeds in North Texas and why using a professional service is your best option for tackling weed problems.

4. Excess moisture creates a breeding ground for fungi and lawn disease.

One of the most challenging and stressful negative impacts of a super wet spring is the development of fungus and lawn disease in your turf. These irksome yard conditions are encouraged by periods of lingering moisture.

The clay soils of DFW are notorious for their poor drainage abilities. Unfortunately, that means lingering moisture is a common problem here – especially after a very wet spring.

In DFW, these leftover stagnant wet conditions will often lead to brown patch, summer patch, root rot, crown rot, and many varieties of fungus. Some of these will reveal themselves straight away, and some will hide out to surprise you once warmer weather arrives.

Some fungus and mushrooms can be removed easily with careful raking. However, many lawn fungal diseases can plague yards for years once they develop, causing severe turf damage.

To avoid suboptimal turf health and appearance, consider bringing in a lawn care company to monitor and treat your yard. An expert company like Gecko Green knows when, where, and how best to treat and protect your yard.

5. Excess moisture leads to mosquito population booms.

Long periods of excessive rain create an abundance of standing water all around. Not only do waterbeds like lakes rise, but puddles will pop up in our grass, on roads, in pots, on overturned buckets, and just about everywhere!

While puddle jumping children will enjoy the arrival of these puddles, mosquitoes are also happy to take advantage.

Mosquitoes breed in very shallow pools of water and puddles. They only require a minuscule amount of standing water to lay eggs. After a super wet spring, mosquito populations soar and leave you and your family more exposed to the deadly diseases they can carry.

During and after rainy periods, be sure to eliminate all areas of standing water on your property. To best protect your property from mosquito swarms, have your yard treated with a professional mosquito control service. Read our blog to learn more about mosquito control services.

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