Effective Weed Control Tips for Fall in Coppell, TX

weed control tips coppell tx

Controlling and managing weeds is a huge focus for effective lawn care. Weeds can be stubborn and most lawns experience overgrowth at one time or another. This tends to occur when conditions for weeds are most favorable. 

Sometimes it can feel like the growth of new weeds is inevitable, but there are some tricks that can help you keep the weeds at bay and keep your lawn looking spiffy!

Let sleeping weeds lie

First things first: do not wake up the dormant weeds in your garden. While every square inch of garden soil is filled with weed offspring, only those seedlings lying in the first inch or two of soil will soak in enough of the sun’s rays to germinate. If you dig around in the soil, you risk triggering germination and dealing with armies of weeds to contend with.

Make use of mulch

Plants can greatly benefit from mulch by depriving weeds of the light they need for germination. Organic mulches often host carabid beetles and crickets, who are armies of defenders designed to devour thousands of weed seeds before they get a chance to germinate. Using mulch is a solid strategy for winning the battle against weeds in your garden or lawn.

Off with their heads

When you find yourself having trouble eliminating weeds the softer and more-natural route, you can always do the next best thing and lop off the head of the developing plant. Dead-heading can buy you some time to work on a better strategy. It can also reduce re-seeding and force the weeds to exhaust their supply of root buds and use up food reserves.

When it comes to controlling weeds, like most other lawn ailments, the best thing you can do is keep a healthy, thriving lawn year-round. The healthier your lawn is, the less susceptible it is to weeds and diseases. Here at Gecko Green, we have experienced lawn care technicians that are knowledgeable in weed control and can ensure your lawn is healthy no matter what the season. We can address your issues and help come up with a personalized solution that works!

Say goodbye to weeds.