Spring Lawn Care Tips for Texas

spring lawn care tips

Spring is quickly approaching and we are excited to help you bring some extra color to your yard to start the season off right. Soon, we will begin servicing our eight stage lawn care system for early season care and preventative weed control. 

The warm climate of North Texas makes pre-emergent weed control vital to incorporate into lawn care if you want a lush green lawn, all year long.

Pre-Emergent Weed Control in Dallas, Texas

Before the Texas heat sets in, a preventive weed control treatment is an important step to stop grassy weeds from rooting in your lawn. In early spring we recommend a liquid application of pre-emergent weed control, this forms a protective barrier that prevents germination. Our preventative weed control treatment targets grassy weeds such as crabgrass and poa annua.

Crabgrass - Crabgrass is a common broadleaf, annual grass with wide pointed leaves that can quickly overrun your yard. Any areas of your lawn that have been weakened by insects or heavy foot traffic are especially susceptible. Patches of crabgrass are usually found in sunny areas of your yard. In Texas, crabgrass germinates when the ground warms to about 55 degrees, so it is important to stop it early in the season.
Poa Annua - In North Texas, poa annua (also known as annual bluegrass) is considered a non-native, invasive species. It is commonly recognized as an annual, low growing plant that has a slightly creeping fibrous rootstock. It has smooth leaves, with finely serrated edges. With its fast growth rate, poa annua is a tough weed to control after it has germinated.
Other grassy weeds - In the spring, grassy weeds are very common in North Texas with the highest germination rate from mid to late March. Our pre-emergent applications prevent other unwanted grassy weeds lie rescuegrass (also known as brome grass), barnyardgrass, carpetweed, foxtails, pigweed, goosegrass and knotweed as well as many broadleaf weeds such as chickweed, henbit, and spurge.

Early Spring Weed Prevention with Gecko Green

We have over 30 years of local experience keeping lawns green and preventing weeds like crabgrass and poa annua. Our signature eight step lawn care system is customized to the specific needs of your North Texas lawn. If you are interested in our early spring lawn treatment schedule, give us a call today. Your lawn will thank you!

Get your lawn spring-ready!