What to Expect From Your First Lawn Care Service

Expectation from first lawn service

Now that spring has arrived here in North Texas, it’s the perfect time for homeowners to start tending to their lawns again.

Many people enjoy this recreation and find the multiple elements of keeping their turf healthy and weed-free as a stress reliever. Others, however, may view it as a burden, or they are unable to devote the necessary time to keep up with it.

If you’re in the latter group and are considering hiring a professional lawn care company to take the stress away, then you’re in luck.

Follow along as we explain all you can expect from your first lawn care service with Gecko Green Lawn Care and Pest Control.

Trained Technicians

At Gecko Green, we take our image seriously. That’s why your technician will arrive driving a company vehicle (typically a pick-up truck), that hosts equipment in the back.

Your technician will also arrive dressed in a company uniform, boots, and at times long rubber gloves. Our professionals are all licensed and extensively trained.

If you are home and available during their service, they like to speak with you briefly and explain what all they intend to do during that service and why.

They can also answer questions you may have, and give tips about water, weeds, ornamentals, or overall lawn health. 

Initial Inspection

Every lawn is unique which is why we don’t offer “cookie cutter” treatments. At the initial visit, our professionals will start with an initial inspection of your front and back yards.

This allows them to fully study the turf and identify its specific needs, resulting in a customized treatment plan for each homeowner.

During this inspection, our technicians will address if the lawn could benefit from a Local Lawn Aeration Service or a Grub Control Treatment as well.

Initial Application

Our lawn care service includes nine total applications that are approximately four to six weeks apart throughout the year.

During the initial application, a liquid pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide will be applied.

These herbicides will work together to target any existing weeds that are surfacing while also attacking those that have yet to grow, in order to help deter them from growing.

This first service will also include the application of liquid fertilizer. Ideally, you want your first application towards the end of winter so it can aid in the overall growth for spring.

However, since we customize every lawn care plan to your turf’s specific needs in each season, you can begin your treatment any time of the year.

 If you want to gain more of an idea of the overall breakdown of these nine visits, check out our year round lawn care program guide.

How to Prepare for Your First Service

When you choose to start a lawn care service, you may wonder what all is needed on your end to prepare for your first visit.

At Gecko Green, there isn’t anything we need the homeowners to do. Our technicians will make sure to move what they need out of the way in order to do their application.

We’ll move dog dishes, kids’ toys, or anything else that could interfere with the application.

Of course, you can always move lawn décor on your own prior, or if you have a specific request about something on or around your lawn, feel free to discuss with your lawn care technician when they arrive.

The Gecko Green Difference

We are committed to delivering exceptional service in order to produce a beautifully healthy, weed free lawn. This level of commitment means we offer complimentary service visits.

Generally, our customers lawns will see results approximately fourteen days after applications. Some areas may need extra attention which will be addressed during these visits. 

Just like during the initial application, we pride ourselves on delivering remarkable customer service. Our technicians make every effort to deliver clear and concise communication to homeowners.

Explaining the treatment, making recommendations, and providing a summary of the service they just provided. 

We also do a hard surface cleanup after every application. This means that we use blowers to blow off any granular fertilizer that may have landed on driveways, sidewalks, or patios.

Get a Beautiful Lawn Today

Are you ready to have a healthy, weed free lawn? One that is sure to make your neighbors jealous? Then make the leap and hire Gecko Green’s Lawn Care Service.

Let our professionals take this burden off your plate, freeing up your schedule so you can spend more time doing what you truly enjoy. 

Need even more incentive? We offer 50% off your first lawn care application when you purchase a full program! For more information, or to receive a free quote, give us a call today!

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