Fall Lawn Care Tips: Get a Head Start for Spring


Fall lawn care is just as important as lawn care during the spring and summer. Regular maintenance and care is key to having a healthy and attractive lawn throughout the entire year. Here are a few things you can do to make sure your lawn survives the tough winter months and recovers with vigor in the spring.

Fall fertilization is key to spring recovery

Fertilizing your lawn during the fall is a wonderful way to prolong fall color and promote early recovery of your lawn in the spring. It can also help produce a dense turf that is resistant to pesky winter weeds.

Reduce freeze injury with proper watering

When your lawn goes dormant during the winter months, it’s important to remember that your grass is living and still needs moisture to survive. If there is no rain for several weeks, irrigation should be performed. 

Performing this task before a hard freeze can be helpful in reducing injury from freezing to the grass. Moist soil is more resistant to colder air temperatures.

Monitor your lawn for fungal diseases

Fungal diseases such Brown Patch and Root Rot are common in the fall season, because fungal diseases thrive in cooler weather. Rain and higher humidity levels also contribute to the successful proliferation of these lawn problems. 

It is vital to keep a watchful eye on your lawn this fall to ensure that problems such as these do not gain a foothold. If you do note their presence, you should consult with a lawn care professional for treatment.

Get the upper hand on weeds

Using a pre-emergent herbicide is an excellent way to fend off winter weeds such as bluegrass, chickweed and henbit. Taking out weeds now can help your lawn grow strong and better able to resist problem weeds during the spring growing months.

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