Tree & Shrub Care Tips


Tree and shrub care is an important part of lawn and yard maintenance. Healthy trees and shrubs are not only beautiful to look at, they can also increase the value of your property.  Regular care and attention is necessary to control harmful insects and feed the root systems of your trees and shrubs. 

Gecko Green discusses a few helpful tips that can help ensure your trees and shrubs stay healthy and beautiful!

Staking your tree isn’t always necessary

Staking a tree improperly can cause damage to the tree and its root system. An improperly staked tree may invest all its resources in growing taller but not wider. This can cause the tree to not be properly supported once it reaches a certain height.

Mulching is very beneficial for your tree

Mulching is one of the best things that can be done to improve the health of a young tree. If the mulch is properly applied, it makes the yard look well groomed and improves the soil structure and oxygen levels in the surrounding soil. Make sure to add mulch at a depth of only one to two inches around the tree. Too much mulch can cause fungal and disease issues in the root system.

Protect your trees and shrubs from pests

Another very important aspect of proper tree and shrub care is treating for various types of insects. Pests can infest your trees and ornamentals without leaving a trace, causing a great deal of irreversible damage. We offer tree and shrub care that includes continual inspections to ensure that potential pests and risks are caught before any damage is done to your property.

Fertilize your trees and shrubs in the fall

Many people may not know this, but it is imperative that you fertilize your trees and shrubs to ensure they stay healthy during the cooler seasons. Here at Gecko Green, we inject liquid fertilizer directly into the roots of your trees and ornamentals, providing 100% absorption into their root system. 

The nutrients provided by the liquid fertilizer will keep your trees and shrubs healthy enough to survive the winter season, and will make it look even better and brighter for the following season!

From insect and disease control to targeted trunk injections, the team at Gecko Green is equipped to handle your needs for tree and shrub care. They not only add to the beauty and look of your property, but if maintained, they also add monetary value to it as well! Gecko Green will make sure your tree and ornamentals are in good health, year-round!

Beautify your landscape.