Fall Lawn Care Tips: Why Your Trees Need Deep Root Fertilization

deep root fertilization

When it comes to having a healthy landscape, the truth of the matter is that trees will only thrive when they are properly nourished. Trees that cannot get the necessary nutrients often falter or have to be removed. A deep root feeding – or deep root fertilization – is a treatment that is designed to deliver necessary nutrients directly to the root zone of a tree. A deep root feeding is a common (and often necessary) component to proper tree care.

Is a Deep Root Feeding Really Necessary?

Not every tree requires deep root feeding, but some trees may not survive without it. Trees in the Texas area grow in an environment that does not always make fertilization easy. Deep root treatment may be necessary in the following circumstances:

Compact soil is present preventing the nutrients from penetrating the soil and reaching the root zone
Adequate nutrients aren’t present in the immediate environment
Branch and leaf growth appear to be stunted
Signs of growth stress are present

The Deep Root Feeding Process

The deep root fertilization process can be described as punching holes in the ground to deposit granular or liquid fertilizer near the tree’s root system. The holes are placed strategically around the trunk in multiple rings. The holes should occur within and outside of the outermost point of the tree’s canopy. The depth of the holes ranges between 8 and 18 inches.

Deep root feeding penetrates deep within the soil to reach the root zone. Holes are strategically placed to loosen the soil and allow the fertilizer, water, oxygen, and other nutrients to reach the roots- thus resulting in a properly fed and all around healthier tree! The best time to fertilize the roots of your trees is between late fall and early winter.

When it comes to deep root feedings and ensuring that the trees in your yard continue to thrive and stay healthy, Gecko Green can help.  The healthier your trees are, the less susceptible they will be to diseases and external environmental stresses. Deep root feedings are one component of our tree and shrub care in Flower Mound, TX that our technicians at Gecko Green provide for residents.

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