Avoid Winter Lawn Damage in Dallas with These Tips!


Winter time, even in Dallas where it is mild, can be rough on your lawn. In the colder months, your lawn will retain less moisture and nutrients. Insect damage and diseases can also pose potential risks to your lawn’s health. 

Getting ahead of the game is always the best course of action when it comes to lawn care. There are things you can do before the cold weather hits that will make life easier for you and your lawn during the winter months.

Proper lawn care in the winter is essential to the health of your lawn so that it can green up by the time spring comes along! If you want your lawn to rapidly bounce back from the stresses of winter, here are a few things you can do to ensure your lawn doesn’t take a heavy hit during the winter months.

Rake Your Leaves

Yes, raking can be a huge chore, especially if you have lots of leaves lying around your yard.  However, f you only do one thing for your lawn during the colder weather, do this. Leaves are a huge burden for your lawn to bear. Leaves can smother your grass and turn your lawn into a dirt patch. This can lead to neighborhood kids coming over to play in the new “vacant lot”. Save some of those leaves to place on your flowerbed to prevent an early crop of weeds from popping up in the spring.

Cut Your Grass Short

While you may enjoy a shorter do during the summer months, your grass is just the opposite. A close crop is an advantage for your lawn during the winter months. Adjusting your blade shorter late in the year is beneficial to your lawn. 

By trimming back the length of those long and wispy grass blades, you’ll help your lawn conserve energy, moisture, and nutrients during a time when these resources are in short supply.

Address Lack of Moisture

Winter can be a dry time of year for many areas, including Dallas. Your lawn may be subjected to cooler temperatures, and less water may be available during this period. A dehydrated lawn can be vulnerable to many issues. Keeping your lawn’s moisture levels properly regulated and can help minimize damage due to less available water.

Supplement Nutrients

Keeping your lawn shorter during the winter will help your lawn focus energy in maintaining the health of the existing grass. A little fertilizer can go a long way in helping nourish your lawn. Feeding your lawn extra nutrients during the winter months is also a good idea to help ensure your lawn looks healthy all year long.

Properly caring for your lawn in the winter is vital to the health of your lawn. When it comes to making sure that your lawn looks healthy all yearr round, Gecko Green can make it happen. Our staff of highly-trained lawn technicians can help you develop a customized plan of defense against winter stressors.

Get your lawn ready for winter!