Keep Your Flower Mound Trees and Shrubs Looking Healthy This Spring

As the warmer spring temperatures roll in, and the trees and shrubs begin to bloom, harmful insects and diseases also begin to sprout throughout your Flower Mound landscape. 

Preventative tree and shrub treatment in Flower Mound coupled with response control is the best solution, and will keep your trees and shrubs looking their best all spring and summer long!

Spider mites in Flower Mound, TX

If your Flower Mound, TX trees and shrubs are showing signs of dry edges, dead leaves, and exhibiting an overall pale appearance, you may have a spider mite problem. These pests feed off your plant’s natural nutrients, causing the leaves and the plant to slowly die. 

It is crucial to have your ornamentals treated immediately, to prevent further damage as well as spreading to other plants. Even the smallest sign of a problem warrants intervention to ensure your trees and shrubs stay healthy and beautiful all summer.

Have you spotted whiteflies on your trees and shrubs?

Whitefiles usually reside on the underside of the leaves and are active during the day. Whiteflies might seem like harmless pests that act as more of a nuisance to your Flower Mound landscape than anything. 

However, these pests cause not only malnourished ornamentals throughout your landscape, but leave behind fungus causing honeydew when doing so. Affected plants typically begin to fade in color, and are often covered in sappy honeydew as the infestation grows. 

Immediate treatment is necessary to ensure the damage is halted, and your trees and shrubs have a fighting chance at survival!

Are you searching for the cause of dark spots on your leaves?

As spring temperatures warm up, it’s common to see leaves with discoloration throughout Flower Mound. Typically, discolored leaves will fall off and the tree will continue to bloom as normal. In some cases, these spots become worse, grow darker, and spread throughout the whole tree or shrub. 

This common Flower Mound shrub disease, known as leaf spot, can be detrimental to your ornamentals, and spread throughout your entire landscape. Treatment is necessary to stop the current infestation, and prevent further damage. Prevention is the key to enjoying your trees and shrubs spot free, and will save you time and money in the long run!

With years of experience and extensive training, we are truly the experts at protecting your Flower Mound trees and shrubs from whiteflies, leaf spot, spider mites and other common pests and diseases. Our comprehensive tree and shrub services in Flower Mound will ensure that your ornamentals are healthy and at their best, all year round!

Keep your landscape thriving.