Summer Lawn Care Tips for Texas


Lawn care requires year-round attention for homeowners, but there’s one season in which lawn care is a must to keep the health and appearance of your lawn in tip top shape: summer. The harsh weather, wear and tear from outdoor activities, and more mean you’ve got to cover all these bases to get your turf in its healthiest, greenest shape throughout the season.

Mow Your Lawn (The Right Way)

Mowing is an essential piece of any Flower Mound lawn care plan, but it doesn’t just keep your lawn looking tidy – if done correctly, it promotes health. Be sure to cut only a third of the grass at any one time and do so with a sharpened blade. 

Cutting more than necessary with a dull blade produces an unseemly lawn and results in browning, root death, and perpetuates weeds and disease.

Water Properly

It’s important to quench your Flower Mound, TX lawn’s thirst without drowning it. You should water uniformly, deeply, and (this is where most homeowners go wrong) infrequently. Despite what may seem logical, daily watering is not good for your lawn; it keeps the surface wet and encourages the spread of fungus. Instead, water about one inch per week – this can be from irrigation or naturally. 

Check uniformity by spreading a few empty jars around the yard, noting how quickly they fill throughout the sprinkling, and adjust sprinkler placements accordingly.

Prepare Beforehand

The scorching summer heat is best fought by preventing potential damage ahead of time. Don’t wait to see symptoms of browning and weakness and then treat. 

Proper nourishment, weed prevention, soil adjustment, and spring lawn care in Flower Mound will promote a thick, healthy lawn that’s able to ward off disease, heat, and stress from foot traffic more readily once the summer season arrives.

Help your lawn beat the heat!