Signs of Summer Lawn Stress


It is a horrible feeling discovering that something bad has been happening right underneath your nose… or in the case of your lawn, your feet! If only you’d known that you could have done something to prevent it. 

A stressed lawn in the summer isn’t completely obvious until major damage has already occurred, but there are signs to let you know it needs a little more TLC.  When it comes to lawn care in Flower Mound, there are a few indicators that your lawn might be suffering from the stress of summer.

1) Mild Discoloration or Brown Patches

Stressed grass is more susceptible to disease. If it looks light green or yellow, it could be early signs of infection. Even discolored patches a few inches in diameter can be sign of stressed grass. It is important you check the roots, too – if they are white, thin, or black, something is wrong. Another common tip for lawn care in Flower Mound is to examine individual blades. Small brown patches also indicate disease.

2) Footprint Tracks

One standard lawn care practice in Flower Mound to gauge summer stress is to examine heavily trafficked areas. Healthy lawns rebound quickly when walked on. If your grass is wilting, shows footprints, or looks gray, it could be crying out for care!

3) Dry Soil

Watering is crucial to proper lawn care in the summer. Even if there has not been a drought, your lawn could still suffer due to high temperatures drying it out. Try the screwdriver test: push it into the soil where the grass is slightly discolored. If it does not easily penetrate, your lawn is likely suffering from inadequate moisture.

These are just a few tips to add to your lawn care plan this summer. If you are not sure what to do if you spot symptoms, or if you would like to prevent it altogether, consider Gecko Green’s lawn care program. With over 30 years of experience in the lawn care industry, our technicians are regularly trained on soil and local environmental conditions in the northern Texas area. We will help ensure your lawn in Flower Mound, TX is healthy in every season!​

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